Moisture Farmer

Level 26 Melee NPC

Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 1730
Planet [[Tatooine]]
Region [[Dreviad Outpost]]

[[Category:Tatooine NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Moisture Farmer is a Human located in Dreviad Outpost on the planet Tatooine.


Discussion with Jawa Trader

Moisture Farmer: I'm looking for humidity sensors. Sandstorm did a number on my vaporators.
Jawa Trader: Sensors in stock. Discount on bulk orders!
Moisture Farmer: Great. I'll take, oh, ten sensors, and... hold on. I recognize those scraps. You stole them off my farm!
Jawa Trader: We no steal! We salvage! Now you buy, with discount!
Moisture Farmer: Fine, but don't let me catch your friends near my vaporators again.

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