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Moorint is a male Twi'lek who served as Scout Chief of Kalikori Village on Tython during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. A skilled tracker, Moorint served as the lieutenant of the village's Matriarch, Sumari, and later her daughter, Ranna Tao'Ven, as both the village and the Jedi Order fought the Flesh Raiders.


Moorint was among the pilgrims who was taken from his home on Ryloth during the Great Galactic War and led to Tython by the current Matriarch, Kolovish, as a means of escaping the war and starting a new life. Unknown to the pilgrims, however, the Jedi Order had recently settled on Tython after centuries of absence, and the planet was now under the jurisdiction and protection of them and the Galactic Republic. After settling on the planet, they were found by Jedi Padawans, and Moorint bore witness to his village being denied the rights to remain on-world. The villagers, stuck fast and decided not to stay, but were subsequently denied any aid from the Jedi.

As a result, Moorint's opinion of the Jedi became one of stubbornness to look past their own needs, and did what he could to keep the village in order. While combating the Flesh Raiders, Tython's original natives, Moorint was made Scout Chief of the village and used his scout's reports on the natives to prepare a necessary defense against them. The Jedi Order, forbidden to assist the pilgrims due to a with to please the Galactic Senate, drove Moorint to defend his people with his life, and threw his position as Scout Chief into stark contrast with the lives of his fellow settlers.

Flesh Raider uprising

Seven years after the end of the Cold War, the Flesh Raiders began massing in large numbers and attacking not only Kalikori Village, but the Jedi Temple, with more ferocity than before. Fighting back the natives, Moorint and his scouts reported that an invasion force of the Raiders, led by a Dark Jedi named Callef, had been stopped by a Jedi Master and his apprentice, and later, the apprentice approached the village's Matriarch, Sumari, for aid in stopping them. He and Sumari's daughter, Ranna Tao'Ven, assisted and helping both Orgus Din and his apprentice in stopping Flesh Raider advances across Tython.

However, over time, the apprentice continued to revert attacks and plans by the Raiders, causing Moorint to grow ever more resentful. He, along with Saylew and Eseni, were eventually contacted by the leader of the uprising, Bengel Morr, and asked to kill Din's apprentice in exchange for the attacks on the village to cease. Moorint accepted, without the knowledge of Tao'Ven, who had taken her mother's place as Matriarch upon her death, and lured Din away from the village using a signal decoy that would hopefully lead to Din's death. Upon the apprentice's return from assaulting a Flesh Raider stronghold, injected the apprentice with a sedative. When Tao'Ven demanded to know why, Moorint explained that the Padawan had to die for the safety of the village. The apprentice interjected, Force-persuading the three to lay down their weapons and leave peacefully.

Behind the scenes

Moorint can be killed by the Padawan if the player decides not to use The Force to persuade him to leave, or if the player attacks outright.


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