"Before the Empire converted the city into a garrison, Mos Ila was settlement largely overrun by Exchange outlaws and smugglers. The local farmers and traders who made up the bulk of the population were at the mercy of the crime syndicate, which found Tatooine to be a perfect base of operations. When Imperial troops landed unannounced and swept all opposition out of the city, the residents reacted with mixed emotion - glad to see the Exchange gone, less certain of their new Imperial masters. This is not the first time Mos Ila's locat authority has been deposed. The settlement was originally built as a trding post with the assistance of local Jawas and was governed by a jawa council. The non-Jawa population had no problem with this arrangement, despite the unpredictability of the Jawa-built machines; rather, it was the arrival of the Exchange that forced the Jawas out and soured outsider-Jawa realations in the region."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

Mos Ila is an town on Tatooine which is currently the Imperial Spaceport in Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG.

SWTOR - Mos Ila - game map

Mos Ila


Mos Ila is one of the major space ports located on Tatooine. It is currently occupied by Imperial forces and serves as the imperial garrison on Tatooine. It is located near the city of Anchorhead. The town host the usual amenities such as: bank, cantina, and equipment vendors.

The Sith Empire established a garrison there with the mission to explore the old Czerka labs, and the Jawa were driven back into the desert by the Imperial troops.

Notable NPCs

  • Commander Vilos


Mos Ila Market

  • Crew Skills Trade Vendor - Lona-Ru
  • Equipment Commendations Vendor - Supply Officer Meller
  • Heavy Armor Vendor - Thron
  • Light Armor Vendor - Njanner-Pok
  • Medium Armor Vendor - Amzartho
  • Modifications Commendations Vendor - Armsmaster Progus
  • Mods Vendor - Danurorus
  • Specialty Goods - T-12N
  • Stims Vendor - Pretrex
  • Weapons Vendor - "Deadeye" Dortho

North Mos Ila, Outside Wall

  • Imperial Medical Services - Imperial Medical Droid
  • Speeder Vendor - Londrod
  • Stims Vendor - Phrague

North Mos Ila, Inside Wall at crash site

  • Stims Vendor - Pitkth, Jawa
In additionn to Stims and Medpacs, sells the Reconfigured Disassembler Core

SiltShift Cantina

  • Social Items Vendor - Nozabuiba

Mos Ila SacePort

  • Imperial Medical Service - Imperial Medical Droid
  • Starship Upgrades - "Engine Oil" Keratho


Mos Ila Market


There is one datacron located in the town of Mos Ila. It can be found on the roof of the bank.

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Datacron Locations


Mos Ila Market

  • Bank
  • Mailbox
  • Trainers
  • Vendors

North Mos Ila, Outside Wall

  • Mailbox
  • Quick Travel Point
  • Taxi
  • Vendors

SiltShift Cantina

  • Quick Travel Point
  • Vendor


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