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Nalen Raloch is a male Twi'lek Force-sensitive warrior who lived on Tython during the Cold War. He was a crucial part in the survival of Kalikori Village during attacks by the Flesh Raiders. However, he preferred to stay isolated and grow strong, having stolen a Jedi teaching holocron to fuel his lust to kill everything that threatened his way of life.


Nalen was a champion fighter and guardian of Kalikori Village on Tython, a settlement created illegally on the planet without the consent of the Galactic Republic or the Jedi Order. Nalen quickly became a battle-hardened warrior, having tested himself on the neighboring Flesh Raiders and repelling their attacks. As time went on, he frequently isolated himself from his people and set up a camp deep in Flesh Raider territory, preferring to be along and test himself even more so taht he might protect Kalikori Village again should the need arise.

He eventually discovered that the he was, to some degree, a Force-sensitive individual, and, wanting to harness his newfound power, stole a Jedi teaching [holocron]] containing the teachings of Order founder Rajivari. The Jedi Master's dark nature was exactly what Nalen was looking for, and he stayed away at his camp learning from Rajivari's dark past.

While still at his camp, a Padawan came to retrieve the holocron from Nalen and return it to the Order. Despite the Padawan's insistence, Nalen's anger overwhelmed him as he laid out his plan: after he had successfully learned all of Rajivari's secrets, he would exterminate all others on Tython and make the planet the exclusive home of his people, the Twi'leks. Nalen collapsed the cave containing his camp, intending to bury the Padawan inside before escaping himself.

Rajivari's spirit, still contained within the holocron, pleaded with Nalen to reconsider his decision, but to his horror, Raloch decided to destroy the Jedi piece by piece in retaliation for letting the pilgrims die as victims of the Flesh Raiders. Intending to start with the Forge, Nalen fought through Tythonian droids in Kaleth to reach it before the Jedi did, but to his dismay, the Padawan from the camp had arrived and already constructed a lightsaber at the Forge's ancient site. Infuriated, Raloch fought the Padawan to pass through to the Forge, but was defeated. His Twi'lek companions begged the Padawan not to kill him, but still lost Nalen's help defending Kalikori when the Padawan sent Raloch back to the Jedi Temple for rehabilitation.

Later, after recovering from his madness, Raloch started a new life as a Jedi Padawan himself, training in the way of the light side of the Force in service to the Order. He sent a message to the Padawan, now a Jedi Knight, thanking his former rival for helping to correct the mistakes he had wrought on Tython.


Behind the scenes

  • Nalen first appeared in Star Wars: The Old Republic as the main antagonist of the Tython storyline for the Jedi Consular.
  • Nalen's fate is decided by the Padawan during the course of the Jedi Consular story, and can end in more ways than this article describes. The player can choose to rehabilitate, free or kill Nalen after defeating him at the Forge.

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