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Necus is a male Sith Lord who served the Sith Empire during the Cold War.


While he resided within the Sith Academy on Korriban, a rivalry surfaced between Lord Necus' apprentice and Essor Kayin, apprentice to an unidentified member of the Dark Council.

This feud eventually turned violent, resulting in the death of Necus' apprentice at Kayin's hands. However, the now apprentice-less Sith Lord discovered the identity of an individual who was involved in the murder, an acolyte named Alif.

Determined that he would discover the identity of his apprentice's killer, Necus ordered Inquisitor Zyn with interrogating the witness, albeit Zyn would not be the one to unravel the mystery.

The murder eventually reached the ears of Lord Zash, who desired an apprentice. Harkun, an overseer of the Academy, was tasked by the female Sith Lord to administer the trials to a shipment of slaves transported to Korriban. One particular member of the group, the future Darth Nox, stood out from the others with a powerful connection to the Force. Intrigued, Zash commanded that the acolyte receive a separate trial.

Possibly with Necus' approval, Zash arranged for the future Nox to report to Inquisitor Zyn, and interrogate Alif. The acolyte easily extracted the information from their victim, and Essor Kayin was revealed to be the murderer.

Zyn informed Lord Necus of the discovery, who was impressed by the future Nox's performance. In a message to the acolyte, he revealed a repugnance for Essor Kayin that existed even prior to the murder, a desire to claim the future Nox as an apprentice, and disappointment that Zash already had her eye on the acolyte.

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