Nefra, Who Bars the Way
Nefra, Who Bars the Way
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Nefra, Who Bars the Way is the first boss in Operation The Dread Fortress.


Story Mode

This boss is actually quite simple. Tanks need to stand next to each other so that Nefra's cleave is shared  between them. And she must be faced away from the group so the dps and healers are behind her. 

Primarily the fight is a tank & spank, but every now and then there will come additional enemies, that are suicidal. They target a random player (even Tanks) and they can't be taunted. Targeted player must draw the enemy away from group. The explosion they cause leaves somewhat wide target marker. Make sure you aren't standing in the marker. Should the enemies target Tanks, this can become troublesome. Tanks need to keep a close attention if the enemies come to them, because it can be difficult for them to spot the mark of getting targeted. And tanking the boss can become harder because of this. Tanks need to stay together all the time.

Nefra also causes a debuff of periodical damage. This can be cleansed so healers must be assigned to a certain group for the cleanse, but if Healers can heal decently, it's not necessary.

Hard Mode

Tactic on Hard Mode is same as in Story Mode, but Nefra's debuff must cleansed ASAP from everyone by Healers, or otherwise the group risks a wipe. If you have DPS with cleansing abilities, they should be cleansing too. If any player can self-cleanse themselves this is the moment to do it. Also, Nefra's sweep attack is now much more deadlier, it can easily cause over 35000 damage. Tanks need to stay together to split the damage. And the suicidal droids can target Tanks more frequently than in Story Mode.

Nightmare Mode

Tactics change a lot on Nightmare Mode.

Nefra will now cause a stacking debuff on targets in front of her, that she aren't targeting. This requires the Tanks to do a tankswap, since both of them have to stay in front of her. When off-tank gets 3-4 stacks, he/she taunts Nefra, and vice versa. DPS and Healers need to stay behind her or at sides. At the same time Nefra inflicts stacks on herself. At 15 stacks she unleashes a channeling attack, which causes extreme damage to everyone in front of her. To survive this, the damage must be split by the whole group. Get DPS and Healers to stack up at 13-14 stacks, and when Nefra hits 15 stacks, Tanks join them. If you fail, someone will surely die and Nefra also receives a permanent buff, which increases her damage by 200%. After the attack, move quickly back to original position. Repeat this until Nefra is dead. Keep an eye out for droids too. They operate like in Hard Mode. It's also a good idea to organize debuff cleansing properly. Assign a cleanser for each tank separetly and if self-cleansing is possible, decide with cleanser when to use it.

Also, you have a very tight enrage timer: 3 minutes, 15 seconds. You'll need very strong DPS to get Nefra down in this time frame.


Story Mode

Nefra drops an Unassembled Arkanian Implant/Bracers and 1 random piece of Black Market gear and 1 Exotic Element Equalizer and Elite Commendations.

Hard Mode

An Unassembled Dread Forged Implant/Belt and 1 random piece of Oriconian gear and Exotic Element Equalizer and Ultimate Commendations and Elite Commendations.

Nightmare Mode

An Unassemled Dread Master Implant and 1 random piece Dread Touched gear. Also drops 1 Mass Manipulation Generator, Exotic Element Equalizers and Ultimate and Elite Commendations

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