Nervous Settler

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Galactic Republic Nervous Settler Galactic Republic

Nervous Settler

Level 18 Melee NPC

Allegiance [[Galactic Republic]]
Species [[Cathar]]
Gender Male
Health 1005
Planet [[Taris]]
Region [[Waypoint Station Morne]]

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Nervous Settler is a Cathar settler located in Waypoint Station Morne on the planet Taris.

Dialog[edit | edit source]

Discussion with Overworked Officer and Angry Settler

Angry Settler: Taris is our home. We aren't sharing it with any pirates!
Overworked Officer: I understand your anger. The Reconstruction Authority is taking every--
Nervous Settler: Is it true? The Locust himself is coming here?
Overworked Officer: I can only say that we value the Cathar's support and will keep you informed.

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