Nez Peron Sweep
Nez Peron Sweep
A Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor has a close fly-by with asteroids over Nez Peron while chasing Republic forces
Vital statistics
Location Seat of the Empire
Nez Peron
Rewards Credits Credits (645)
Level Available 20
Ship Grade 1+
Duration 4:00

This Space Battle along with the Sarapin Assault comprise the two missions of the Operation External Domain player mission.


A Republic righter wing is threatening the agricultural resources at Nez Peron, within Empire space. The Empire has called for reinforcements and intends to demonstrate its fleet superiority and control over Imperial space.



  • Exterminate Talon Fighters -60


  • Incapacitate the Destroyer
    • Obliterate turrets - 12


If you are able and haven't done so yet, purchase Grade 1 ship upgrades. Especially important is upgraded armor, shield and shield generators.

In order to meet the kill count for the Talon Fighters, you should try to spot in the distance the oncoming fighters as quickly as possible. The sooner you see them the more time you will have to take them down. You don't want to just spot them moments before they shoot past you. Fighters coming from behind you will be available to shoot for a while once they pass, so focusing on incoming fighters is usually better. Plus, the incoming fighters are firing at you, while the ones you are chasing have stopped firing at you.

Use your torpedoes to take out the turrets for the bonus mission.

A few times during the mission you will make close flyby maneuvers of asteroid rocks. Usually a flight member will give a vocal warning just prior to the close flyby.

See Space Combat for general gameplay mechanics.

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