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"I'll go with you — but I won't ask my men to follow."
―Nijaldo, explaining the moral of his men after a Black Sun attack.[src]

Nijaldo was a Human male Sergeant in Coruscant Security who served during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. He commanded a security task force dedicated to fighting crime organizations on Coruscant, most notably the Black Sun syndicate.


Nijaldo's primary tasks in Coruscant Security concerned taking the pressure off Republic Police forces as gangs and syndicates made pushes into Republic territory. He was put in charge of a Special Tasks Unit, comprised of police officers and Republic military forces, to combat crime in the lower levels of Coruscant's underbelly.

During the Cold War, Doctor Eli Tarnis was captured by Black Sun, and Republic Strategic Information Service Agent Galen assigned Nijaldo's team to recover him and the plans for his superweapon known as the Planet Prison. Unfortunatly, his team was overwhelmed when storming Black Sun's territory searching for him, and was forced to retreat, with four of his men were killed in the initial wave. A Jedi Knight, sent by Galen to assist the team, arrived and insisted they re-arm and take the HQ. Nijaldo responded with regret, as the current state of Black Sun's defenses were too strong for the team to pierce. The rest of his men rallied around the Jedi's words, and the team stormed back into the fortress.

Once inside, the Jedi went on ahead to the command center while Nijaldo and his team fought off Black Sun forces inside. Once they finally caught up to the Jedi, they discovered that Tarnis was, in actuality, a Sith Lord, and that he had stiffed the Black Sun leader, Salarr, out of a cut of the profits from the Plant Prison plans. Nijaldo aided the Knight in killing Salaar after he resisted arrest, but despite the good work he and his team had done, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold the territory they had just cleared out. He and his team set several traps and other methods of sabotage for the Black Sun resources in the area to make rebuilding more difficult.


Behind the scenes

  • The Jedi Knight can choose not to rally Nijaldo and his team to attack Black Sun and instead order them to attack using a dark side action.

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