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"The name “Nikto” is an umbrella term; these muscular, reptilian beings technically consist of five distinct subspecies. Each evolved on the planet Kintan after a dying star, M’dweshuu, bombarded their world with radiation. A cult devoted to this star arose, and exerted a totalitarian hold on Nikto society until the Hutts discovered Kintan and destroyed the cult’s stronghold in an orbital bombardment. The Nikto rallied to the Hutts under the Treaty of Vontor and the fortunes of the two species have been intertwined ever since. Nikto are gifted fighters, often serving as enforcers for the Hutts. Those who leave Kintan or the Hutt Cartel are often “mixed-breeds” who show characteristics of more than one subspecies and are subsequently reviled by their own people, but some are members of modern Nikto cults–often violent groups that trace their roots to the original Cult of M’dweshuu, for good or ill."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

The Nikto are a race of reptilian humanoids native to the planet Kintan in the Si'Klaata Cluster with many sub-species.

The Nikto species features five distinct mutated sub-species due to a massive radiation from a dying nearby star M'dweshuu, which sped up the rate of mutation so that traits that normally took millions of years to occur instead took only thousands of years. The five sub-species inhabited different geographic areas of Kintan, developing unique adaptations to suit the different environments on the planet.

Nikto can be found throughout the galaxy, often involved with shady activities in the galaxy's fringe.

Of all the "client species" of the Hutt Cartel, the Nikto are regarded as the most dangerous, especially due to the actions of a fanatical and fatalistic cult that has long plagued the Nikto people.


The Morgukai are a particularly combat capable class of Nikto.

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Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Morgukai Blood Warrior34/35Beast MasterStrong6965/7300
Morgukai Chieftain34Staff MasterElite15545
Nikto Pacifier34VigilantNormal2740
Nikto Peacekeeper34/35QuickshotNormal2210/??

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