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"The Jedi Nomen Karr is one of the order’s most veteran Masters, and the personal nemesis of Darth Baras. Although valued for his experience, he is known to challenge the order’s rigid precepts in his crusade against evil in the galaxy; the determined Nomen Karr even dared to touch the dark side during his time behind the Imperial border, but emerged a valiant champion of the light. Nomen Karr is driven to expel the Imperial infiltrators he believes are hidden throughout the Republic. Learning of a Padawan who could see a person’s true nature, Nomen Karr immediately claimed the young Jedi as his student. He has dedicated his life to her tutelage and protection, hoping she can expose the corruption the Jedi Council has long denied."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Nomen Karr was a Jedi Master and Republic spy during the Cold War against the Sith Empire. He went undercover for several years as a Sith Lord and became close friends with Darth Baras, all the while learning more about Baras' spy network. His reputation is one of persistance and determination, but he took it to a different level, even resorting to using actions of the dark side to accomplish tasks. While protecting his Padawan, Karr was defeated by Baras' apprentice.


During the Cold War, Karr was sent by the Jedi Council to infiltrate the Empire and investigate a potential spy organization that had been disrupting Republic operations. Under the alias Lord Retrost, Karr reported the network's existence and even discovered the network's founder, a Sith Lord named Darth Baras. Retrost allied himself with Baras and gave the impression that he was interested in helping to coordinate the network's attacks while reporting it's activities back to the Republic. After several months, Baras discovered the deception, and Karr escaped back to Republic space.

Having dropped the Sith alias, Karr discovered a young Alderaanian servant girl named Jaesa Willsaam with a strong Force ability: she could look into any being's mind and discover their true nature. Having been exposed to the lying and backstabbing politics of the Alderaanian houses, this was certainly an impressive ability to possess. Karr recruited her to the Order and spent the next few years training her as his padawan.

Baras would not be denied revenge, however. He used his new apprentice to track down two of Jaesa's other teachers, Masters Yonlach and Yu-li on Tatooine, and Jaesa's parents on Alderaan. Karr finally asked that their passive-aggressive fighting end and demanded a final confrontation on Hutta. Baras instead sent his apprentice, who not only defeated Karr, but lured out and recruited Jaesa to the Empire.

It is unclear as to whether Karr was killed, imprisoned or sent back to the Republic.

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