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Number One with a Bullet

Level 50 mission
Bounty Hunter Class Mission

Start Darth Tormen
End Supreme Chancellor Janarus
Previous Reckoning
Next First Strike

Number One with a Bullet is one of the the final class missions for Bounty Hunters. It is obtained on Corellia after speaking to Darth Tormen.



  • Use your ship's holoterminal
  • Travel to the Corellia Orbital Station
  • Pilot the Firewing to the Founder
  • Plant explosives near the Chancellor's shuttle
  • Plant explosives near the military shuttle
  • Plant explosives near the civilian shuttle
  • Plant explosives near the cargo shuttle
    • Defeat Republic forces (25)
  • Move to a safe location
  • Use the detonator
  • Sabotage the escape pods (2)
  • Speak to the Supreme Chancellor


Dark Side Ending: You kill Chancellor Janarus and deliver his body to Tormen (Dark Side Icon +100 )

Neutral Ending: You freeze Janarus in carbonite and hand him over to Tormen

Light Side Ending: You accept Janarus' offer to turn against Tormen and kill him, which leads to the follow-up mission, Some People Just Need Killing (Light Side Icon +100 )


  • Awards title The Relentless
  • Awards achievement Chapter 3: Bounty Hunter
  • Unlocks stronghold decoration [Circular Sign: Bounty Hunter]