"Prior to the Imperial invasion, Balmorra was one of the galaxy’s foremost producers of military droids, due in no small part to the Okara Droid Company. When the Empire invaded, its technicians uploaded a virus to the company’s manufacturing center–the massive, automated Okara Droid factory–in hopes of turning the factory against the Balmorrans. The virus worked too well, and the factory’s defense droids and systems took over entirely, resuming production operations and attacking any and all life that came near. The Empire is currently making efforts to bring the factory under control, but so far has had little success."
―In-game Codex Empire Side (Locations)[src]
"Another victim of the Empire’s many acts of sabotage during its initial invasion, the Okara Droid factory was one of the most productive droid manufacturers on Balmorra. Imperial technicians uploaded a virus into the automated factory’s system, turning its military droids against the Balmorran population. But the virus was too successful–the droids fully secured the factory and continued production, forcing the Empire to take it back through military action. Now, after several hard-fought battles, Imperial soldiers have moved into the factory and established a base of operations there. Technicians are hard at work reversing the damage they caused, and hope to resume production of military droids to supplement the occupation force."
―In-game Codex Republic Side (Locations)[src]
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