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Olok the Shadow
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Olok the Shadow is the fifth boss in the operation Scum and Villainy.


Story Mode

This is the puzzle boss for Scum and Villainy and has three phases to it:

Phase 1

In phase 1 the group arrives at the spaceport, where Olok is trying to make business with a Wealthy Buyer. Before starting anything, the group needs to take a look through observation window. Downstairs there are 16 droids in 4x4 grid. These droids will be fought in phase 2. During phase 1 the group can buy out the some of the droids, so they aren't fought in the next phase.

First, mark the droids you are going to buy. To buy them, you must attack the Wealthy Buyer and gain credit tokens from him. These tokens are then used to buy the droids using the console in the middle of the room. The console shows the downstairs 4x4 grid with blue and yellow marks. Each mark represents a corresponding position in the grid. Blue marks cost 1 credit token, yellow costs 2 tokens. Yellow marks will turn red, if one token has already been used on them.

There are 4 types of droids to buy:

  • Recon droid: The floating droid. These droids are rather easy to take out. Costs 1 credit token.
  • Frontliner droid: The tall, grey droid. These droids are the biggest nuisance. Costs 1 credit token.
  • Assault droid: The big droid with cannons on its shoulders. Tough droid, but easy to tank. Costs 2 credit tokens.
  • Artillery droid: The big, four-legged droid. Generates electrical bubbles. Very tough, but rather easy to tank. Costs 2 credit tokens.

The ideal method to buy the droids is to buy them, so that there are maximum of 2 large droids (assault and artillery) in a single row during phase 2. However, the way the droids are on the grid downstairs is random, which means it may not be possible. It's therefore recommended to buy out as many frontliner droids deemed necessary. Also, no row should be left full.

When the group has decided which droids to buy, attack the Wealthy Buyer. Kill his bodyguards first to bring down his shield. When the buyer's health has dropped to about half, a random group member will receive a credit token. After that he disappears, and reappears. In 8 player mode each group member will receive a token once. There are total of 8 tokens. When you get a token, you have 10 seconds to use it. Repeat this 8 times. Every time you buy a droid, it will come to help you against the buyer. Once all 8 credit tokens have been used, the boss will gas the room. Use the elevator in the middle of the room to go downstairs. Then get ready for phase 2.

Phase 2

Now you need to destroy the droids, you couldn't buy in phase 1. You will fight them row by row, but you have only 1 minute to finish a row before the next activates. Activate the console on the right side of the room to start the phase.

Tanks will tank any large droids. DPS will take out the droids one at a time. After 4 minutes Olok himself enters the battle. Then starts phase 3.

Phase 3

In this phase you need to take out Olok the Shadow himself. He has a wide variety of weapons and he stealths out often. Every 2 times he stealths he will call additional enemies to the fight. Kill them quickly and make sure there is always a Tank on the boss. This phase is mainly tank & spank.

Hard Mode

On hard mode the group needs to be more precise about what they are buying, because Assault droids and Frontliner droids have a new feature: package deal. If there are 2 or more of the same droid types on a same row with package deal during phase 2, those droids will become extremely powerful. To that end, when buying droids, make sure there are only 1 assault or frontliner droid per row after buying is complete. The good thing is, that package deal works only with same droid types. For example, if you have a 1 frontliner and 1 assault droid on a same row, package deal doesn't apply. Other than that, this battle goes exactly like in story mode.

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Story Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Story Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Hard Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Hard Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Nightmare Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Nightmare Mode

Olok the Shadow 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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