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Ood Bnar was a male Neti Jedi Master who had been alive since before the Great Hyperspace War. Bnar was born on the planet Ryyk, but found himself stranded on Myrkr during his youth. He eventually joined the Jedi Order, and over time became one of the most respected and revered Masters of the era. Bnar specialized in the history of the Sith, and preferred to avoid combat where possible, though he often advised more martial Jedi on how best to fight the dark side. Eventually, he had such knowledge of Jedi and Sith lore that he recorded a holocron, which was passed down through the generations for centuries.

During the Great Sith War, fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord Exar Kun attempted to take some lightsabers from him. Master Bnar attempted to fight, but he was old and slow and was no match for Kun's double bladed lightsaber and Kun's Massassi warriors. Bnar instead decided to protect the lightsabers by entering a tree-like vegetative state, denying Kun the weapons.

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