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Operations are instanced areas where groups of players will have to fight their way through waves of enemies in order to accomplish an objective and gain superior equipment. The group consists of either 8 or 16 players. Parallel to Raids in other MMORPGs, Operations are a part of end-game content and are harder than Flashpoints. Players can track their progress through the Lockouts tab in the Mission Log.

Operations are only available to subscribers.


Operations can be completed in three levels of difficulty: Story (normal), Veteran Mode (Hard), or Master Mode (Nightmare). Each operation released before 7.0 (Legacy of the Sith) can be scaled to adjust for 8 or 16 member groups. Additionally, you cannot go over the member cap for either difficulty.

Each difficulty has a different achievement for every boss in the operation, they can be found in your legacy tab. The higher the difficulty, the more hit points and mechanics the bosses have and the better the drops. Some difficulties reward/drop exclusive cosmetic items such as mounts, pets, and titles.


Mission terminals that give weekly operation missions can be found in the Supplies section of the Republic and Imperial Fleets.

Most operations also include non-repeatable one-time missions. these serve to give an intro and an epilogue to the operation while obtaining rewards for the first completion after obtaining the quest. For every operation located on the Ziost Shadow (Empire) and Gav Daragon (Republic), said missions are often not far from the operation entrance.

Available operations[]

With the introduction of 4.0, all operations have now been scaled up to max level, or level synced. Starting at level 80, players can queue up or enter Story Mode operations through Group Finder (GF) or walking into the operation entrance located at various points.

All Story Mode operations include Bolster, which boosts players to a given level of stats. For example: In 7.0 all story mode operations will boost a player's stats to match that of item rating 315 gear if they do not already have a gear score of 315 or above. However, gear stats are uncapped in every operation as of 7.0 so the stats on 315 can be surpassed.

As of patch 7.0, all operations are synced to level 80 in all difficulties. Bolster is not present in Veteran or Master Mode. The Number next to the operation Header is the level in which the operation was released at.

Vanilla Operations (50)[]

Rise of the Hutt Cartel Operations (55)[]

Shadow of Revan Operations (60)[]

Knights of the Eternal Throne Operations (70)[]

Onslaught Operations (75)[]

Legacy of the Sith Operations (80)[]

Instanced Bosses[]

Instanced Bosses are operations that have one boss, often with a larger health pool and longer fight to accommodate for being the only boss.

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