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Every Discipline of the Operative and the Scoundrel has the same Utility Points.

List of Operative/Scoundrel Utility Points[]

Utility Point Operative Utility Point Scoundrel Tier
Nanotech Suit Smuggled Get-up Skillful
Chem-resistant Inlays Scar Tissue Skillful
Imperial Weaponry Let Loose Skillful
Flash Powder Flash Powder Skillful
Hit and Run Holdout Defense Skillful
Infiltrator Sneaky Skillful
Slip Away Dirty Escape Skillful
Curbing Shots Curbing Shots Skillful
Pin Down Stopping Power Masterful
Precision Instruments Anatomy Lessons Masterful
Med Shield Med Screen Masterful
Advanced Cloaking Flee the Scene Masterful
Sedatives Sedatives Masterful
Counterstrike Dirty Trickster Masterful
Endorphin Rush Keep Cool Masterful
Fortified Kolto Supplemented Medpac Masterful
Imperial Tactics Get the Bulge Heroic
Evasive Screen Skedaddle Heroic
Jarring Strike K.O. Heroic
Evasive Imperative Scramble Heroic
Revitalizers Surprise Comeback Heroic
Augmented Shields Hotwired Defenses Heroic
Escape Plan Smuggled Defenses Heroic
Circumvention Sleight of Foot Heroic