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"A grizzled Jedi Master who’s fought more battles with the Sith than any other living member of the order, Master Orgus Din was an eyewitness to the Sacking of Coruscant. The destruction of the Jedi Temple, along with the loss of his Padawan Bengel Morr, hardened him. Now considered a maverick among his peers, Orgus prefers to leave meditation, debate and diplomacy to the Jedi Council while he goes out and gets things done. Despite his sometimes abrasive nature, there are many among the order who respect Orgus as a man of action. Yet even though he would be the first to proclaim that the Jedi need more individuals like himself, Orgus is still haunted by what he’s seen and has refused to take on a new Padawan for many years."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Master Orgus Din is a Human male Jedi that steps in to be the player's Master when starting a Jedi Knight character. The first time Orgus Din is seen is on the planet Tython. He is a man of action who is haunted by the things he has seen in his past, and has refused to take on a Padawan for years until now.


Orgus Din was present on Coruscant, having just reported to the Galactic Senate along with Lieutenant Harron Tavus on the end of the Sith Empire's offensive in the Minos Cluster, when the Sith forces attacked the capital world. He "welcomed" Sith Lord Darth Angral to Coruscant by engaging him in combat. Angral quickly took the upper hand but Din escaped with his life after the duel was interrupted by a crashing Sith spacecraft. Din then fled towards the burning Jedi Temple in the company of Tavus, only to realize that it was too late to save his old home.

Din was later sent by Grand Master Zym to deal with the trouble his former Padawan, Fortris Gall, had caused on Balmorra. En route, he encountered and rescued Satele Shan from Mandalorian mercenaries. After being briefed on the situation by her, he decided to inform Zym. He finally met his padawan, Fortris, and decided to take over the evacuation of the planet. Soon later, after hearing the death of Grand Master Zym, Din tracked the bounty hunter responsible on Nar Shaddaa. After a brief but intense duel, Din was holding his lightsaber at Braden's neck demanding info. Braden promised to hand over the info, as soon as they reached Dantooine. Braden later escaped from Master Din's custody. After failing to recapture Braden, Din returned to the Republic base, where the Major in charge had finally agreed to pull out. He then met with Satele, Tavus and Gall. The three of them had recently put an end to the real culprit behind the treaty's disruption, but didn't give Din a full report on the matter.

Cold War

During the Cold War, Orgus became a member of the Jedi High Council and began his teachings on Tython. When Flesh Raiders began invading the temple, Orgus Din led many Jedi to defend the area, and drive them out. When a young Jedi Padawan defeated Callef who was responsible for leading the Flesh Raiders towards the temple, Orgus discovered that he wasn't a Jedi, but in fact a Dark Jedi. He believed that the Dark Jedi didn't do this alone, and so decided to send the Padawan to continue the search and find out who was really responsible while he returned to the temple to speak with the Council members; the young Padawan indeed discovered that he culprit was a more expert Dark Jedi, Bengel Morr, that was defeated. For his merits Orgus took the Padawan as own and directed him on many missions, including saving Coruscant by the infiltrated Sith Lord Tarnis and his Planet Prison superweapon.


Darth Angral created the superweapon to destroy Tython and avenge his son's death and Orgus tried to stop it, but Angral finally killed him.


Later, Orgus appeared as a force ghost and helped the Jedi Knight to escape the Emperor's fortress.


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