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General Ortol is the final boss character in the Cademimu Flashpoint.

Codex Entry

Achievement: You have defeated General Ortol in the Cademimu flashpoint.


Fragmentation Grenade
Casting Time Instant
Cooldown 1.5sec
Rocket Shield
Casting Time Instant
Cooldown 15sec
Shield Burst
Casting Time Instant
Cooldown 15sec


Before starting this fight, be careful to have your entire group inside the room as the door will close when the first person obtains agro. To defeat General Ortol, your entire group must move between 1 of 4 quadrants within the room you fight. Above your group are 4 missiles. He will say something like "Continue to launch the missiles", at which point fire from the missiles he is calling to be launched will start to ignite. Immediately run to the quadrant where there will be no missile launch. As a healer, be ready to bubble the any of the party as the general does sometimes knock back a player into the flames. Also the flames have a HUGE AOE, so make sure to stack close.


Hard Mode

Binds on Equip
Light Armor (Rating 126)
257 Armor

Total Stats:
Requires Level 50
Requires Light Armor

Normal Mode

Binds on Pickup
Heavy Armor (Rating 34)
111 Armor

Durability: 120/120
Total Stats:
+11 Strength
+15 Endurance
Requires Level 11
Requires Heavy Armor