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"Hope you like warzones, Master Jedi. This planet's full of them."

Ottau was a Human male agent who served the Republic Strategic Information Service during the Cold War against the Sith Empire


When the Sith Lord Tarnis was killed by a Jedi Knight, the Sith's father, Darth Angral, sent a message via long-range hyperspace transmission to the Republic, declaring war against those who killed his son. General Var Suthra, head of the Republic Superweapon Initiative, sent Ottau to track down the source of the transmission in an attempt to find Angral. Ottau traced the location of the transmission to a remote island on the planet Ord Mantell and attempted to investigate by using a probe droid, but it was destroyed before he learned of anything valuable. He retreated to the Republic-occupied Fort Garnik and sent his report to Var Suthra, who sent the Knight who had killed Tarnis to assist with the investigation.

Ottau briefed the Knight and the astromech droid T7-O1 upon arrival to Ord Mantell. He gave an estimation of the pair's chances in assaulting the island and warned of the defenses there, and instructed them to report back to him after the mission's completion. The two returned later, having been successful in retrieving the facility's hyperspace transceiver. Ottau reported the success to Var Suthra and began assembling a team to claim the facility for the Republic.


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