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Outlaw's Den

The Outlaw's Den is a group free-for-all PVP area located on the planet Tatooine. It can be reached via the Northern Chasm in the north or the Central Chasm in the south in Jundland. There is a mailbox, cargo hold access, and Galactic Trade Network kiosks in this area.

Lore objects[]

  • Tatooine: Killed a Rare Vendor - [100, -819] A Stolen Bottle located in the tent next to Blearg and Collector Kezzit in the southeastern corner of the area. Interacting with the bottle will cause Blearg to aggro. Defeat him to unlock the codex entry.


Mission objective[]



  • Blearg <Black Market Trader>
  • Collector Kezzit <Salvager>
  • Jo'dath the Exile <Black Market Trader>
  • Shifty Panaw <Black Market Trader>



  • Well Fed Womprat


  • Approximately every 20 minutes 1-4 security chests spawn in this area. Each chest contains Credit.png 2000 - 3000, 20 Warzone Commendation, and occasionally a piece of PvP Recruit gear.
  • Players can immediately transport to the entrance of the area using the Legacy perk Priority Transport: Outlaw's Den.