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Outpost Talarn

Outpost Talarn is a Imperial outpost located in The Juran Mountains on the planet Alderaan. This area has a bind point, mailbox, and taxi service.


Mission start[]

  • Sith Empire [30] The Assassin's Secret
  • Sith Empire [30] The Black List
  • Sith Empire [31H4] Insufficient Staff
  • Sith Empire [31] Kingmaker

Mission end[]

  • Sith Empire [29] First, Do Harm
  • Sith Empire [30] Dirty Deeds
  • Sith Empire [30] Tears of the Rist
  • Sith Empire [30A4] Assault on Fort Alde


  • Dathis Elgin
  • Medical Officer Willem
  • N5-R3
  • Officer Jeral Vesk
  • Sergeant Pratt
  • Sergeant Tegan
  • Outpost Talarn Thranta <Imperial Transport Service>


  • Imperial Medical Droid <Imperial Medical Service>


  • Imperial Defense Droid
  • Imperial Officer
  • Imperial Soldier
  • Injured Imperial Soldier
  • Thul Defender
  • Thul Watchman
  • Outpost Talarn Turret