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EliteLevel 5-50 Melee NPC (Elite)

Faction: Sith Empire
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Overseer
Planet: Korriban
Region: Sith Academy
Status: Deceased
Relative(s): Eskella Gryton (daughter)
Introduced: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Voiced by: Paul Darrow

Tremel was an Overseer of the Sith Empire, active during the Great Galactic War and Cold War. Tasked with selecting worthy acolytes to become Sith, Tremel brings his protégé, the Sith Warrior, to Korriban for training ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, Tremel would ultimately be murdered by his student, by demand of the warrior's new master.[1]


Pre-Cold War[]

During the Great Galactic War, Overseer Tremel administered the trials to Sith acolytes within the academy on Korriban. He assigned tasks of difficultly, with only the strong emerging successful while the weak perished. 

However, Tremel was unwilling to adapt to the evolving Sith paradigm, an action some considered traitorous.

A New Student[]

Tremel was becoming lax before you ever arrived. His unwillingness to adapt to the evolving Sith paradigm has become a liability. These are the actions of a traitor.
~ Darth Baras
Overseer Tremel (Character Model)

Overseer Tremel stands within his quarters in the Sith Academy.

During the Cold War, Tremel arranged the early arrival of a promising acolyte, in the hopes of training the acolyte to become the apprentice of one of the most influential Dark Lords of the time, Darth Baras. However, the position was nearly in the grip of aspiring acolyte Vemrin, an individual of mixed blood, a heritage despised by Tremel. Upon the arrival of his newest student, he was displeased with the training blade the future warrior possessed, describing it as the mark of a lesser acolyte. Tremel dispatched the future warrior to the tomb of Ajunta Pall, in which the acolyte would obtain a Sith warblade. Meeting his student within his chambers, he instructed the acolyte to travel deep into the desert of Korriban, and enter the tomb of Marka Ragnos. There, the acolyte would slay the pet of the long-dead Dark Lord, a ravaging beast dwelling within the deepest chamber of the tomb.

Master versus Student[]

Unfortunately, the trial was a miscalculation on the overseer's part, as the Beast of Marka Ragnos was a great source of dark energy on Korriban. Its death was sensed by Darth Baras, who learned of Tremel's newest pupil and demanded an audience. Arriving to Baras' chamber, the Dark Lord denounced Tremel's methods of teachings and ultimately declared him a traitor for his refusal to adapt. Baras commanded the acolyte to slay his former teacher, and bring his hand as evidence of the overseer's death. Upon the warrior's arrival to his quarters, Tremel regretfully engaged the future warrior in a duel, and was severely injured.

Dark Side (Sith Warrior)[]

Amazed, he was assured of the acolyte's ability to defeat Vemrin and serve Darth Baras as an apprentice. Albeit his final words were in praise of his former student, the acolyte executed him. 

Light Side (Sith Warrior)[]

The duel concluded, Tremel was certain the acolyte would not disobey a direct command from a Dark Lord. But, much to his surprise, his former student claimed that his hand was only required. The overseer quickly understood, Darth Baras demanded his hand as evidence of his death. Tremel ignited his lightsaber and severed his left hand so that the acolyte may deliver it to ensure Baras believed he was deceased. Tremel offered a farewell to his former student, believing they would not speak again.

However, Tremel was reunited with the warrior when Darth Vowrawn, one of the warrior's allies, brought him out of hiding on Korriban to support their cause against Darth Baras, who had betrayed his apprentice and succeeded in falsely claiming the position of the Emperor's Voice, the individual through which the Sith Emperor directs his Empire. The warrior, now a Sith Lord, was pleased to see that Tremel had managed to survive and come to assist the task at hand. During the final confrontation within the Dark Council chamber of the Sith Academy, Baras attempted to utilize Tremel's presence against the warrior, accusing the former overseer of being a base coward. However, the Dark Lord's accusations failed to bring him victory, as Baras perished at the hands of the warrior.


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