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Sith Empire P8-47 Sith Empire


Level 4 Ranged NPC

Allegiance Sith Empire
Class [[Astromech droid]]
Health 130
Planet [[Hutta]]
Region [[Jiguuna]]
Instance [[The Poison Pit]]

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P8-47 is a Nem'ro Bounty Droid encountered by Imperial player characters on the planet Hutta. This astomech unit has been tasked with communication a message to the citizens of Jiguuna by the town's leader Nem'ro the Hutt.[1]

Missions[edit | edit source]

The growing conflict between Nem'ro and his rival, Fa'athra the Hutt, has resulted in increasing conflict between the forces of both gangsters. Fa'athra's forces have recently pushed into Jiguuna itself, and Nem'ro has sent P8-47 to spread word of a bounty that has been placed on the heads of the other Hutt's men.[1]

Begins missions
Sith Empire [1] Death Mark: Fa'athra Gang

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References[edit | edit source]

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