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PVP is an acronym that stands for Player Versus Player. Players fight against enemies controlled by other players. PVP servers allow for PVP combat in most areas of the game.

Valor ranks[]

As players engage in PVP combat they will earn valor points, and Warzone Commendations.

There are currently 100 valor ranks in the game. Every 10 Valor Ranks earned will awarded the player a new title.


  • Skirmisher – Valor Rank 10
  • Duelist – Valor Rank 20
  • Gladiator – Valor Rank 30
  • Centurion – Valor Rank 40
  • Champion – Valor Rank 50
  • Battlemaster – Valor Rank 60
  • War Hero – Valor Rank 70
  • Conqueror – Valor Rank 80
  • Warlord – Valor Rank 90
  • Elite Warlord – Valor Rank 100


As of patch 1.6x there are 5 warzones:

  • Huttball - Similar in concept to rugby/soccer, get the ball from the center of the map and take it over the enemies line to score, first to 6 goals wins, or after 15 minute time limit a team will be declared a winner (either for scoring more, or possession of the ball in the final moments)
  • Alderaan Civil War - A three-tower game where both factions wrestle for control of three gun batteries in order to bring down the opposing team's dropship.
  • Voidstar - Voidstar is a round-based Warzone that takes place on a derelict Imperial Battle Cruiser lost during the Great War. An attack and defend map.

Novare Coast- Very similar to the Alderaan Civil War. A three-tower game where both factions fight for the gun batteries to destroy the opposing team's outpost and gain advantage in the war.

Ancient Hypergate- Elite forces from both sides fight for control of the ancient gree hypergates.

Medal system[]

In each warzone, players have a chance to earn medals. These medals are awarded for participation in the warzone, and award 5 extra Warzone Commendations.

  • Annihilator - Hit someone for 5k+ in a single hit
  • Assassin - Kill someone in a 1v1 fight
  • Combatant - Do a total of 75k damage
  • Commando - Get 25 kills
  • Defender - Get 1k Defender points
  • Demolisher - Hit someone for 2.5k+ in a single hit
  • Doctor - Heal someone for 5k+ in a single heal
  • Guardian - Prevent 2k damage to your allies without dying
  • Healer - Do a total of 75k Healing
  • Medic - Heal someone for 2.5k+ in a single heal
  • Paladin - Prevent 10k+ Damage to other players without dying
  • Quick Draw - Get a killing blow
  • Shield - Prevent 5k damage to your allies
  • Soldier - Get 10 kills
  • Warden - Gain 3k Defender Points

World PVP[]

PVP equipment[]

At level 20 and 40 prototype quality and some custom quality items are available for players to purchase. At 55 there are more types of equipment available:

  • Conqueror (Valor 40)

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