PVP gear can be bought with commendations and tokens, earned by doing warzones, world PVP, and PVP daily/weekly quests.

The system to acquire PVP currency and purchase the gear is a bit complex. The basics are as follows:

Commendation Type Cost Commendations Received
Mercenary 30 Warzone 10 Mercenary
Champion 120 Warzone 1 Champion
Battlemaster 1000 Warzone and 1000 Mercenary 1 Battlemaster
    • 200 Warzone Commendations and 200 Mercenary Commendations will buy you a Champion Gear Bag from the PVP Items Vendor. The Champion Gear Bags are unique (only 1 in your inventory at a time)
    • The Champion gear bag will contain 15 Centurion and 7 Champion commendations, as well as a chance to have an Unassembled Champion token.
    • Battlemaster bags are rewarded from doing weekly PVP missions and require a Valor rank of 50. Those bags contain Champion Commendations, as well as a chance for a single Battlemaster Commendation.
      • Champion Gear Bag
      • Champion Commendation Purchase
      • Battlemaster Commendation Purchase
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