Pakuuni Defense
Pakuuni Defense
Enemy bombers attacking the neutral space station in the Pakuuni system.
Vital statistics
Location Hutt Space
Rewards Credits Credits (????) XP +3590
Level Available {{{available}}}

This Republic Space Battle along with the Kovor Ice Field comprise the two missions of the Operation Glory Cyclone player mission. To do this mission it is strongly suggested that Grade 3 Starship Upgrades or higher are equipped.


The Empire is plotting to blame the Republic for the destruction of a neutral space station in the Pakuuni system. An Imperial fleet is sending bomber squadrons to destroy the station and everyone on board. Republic vessels have been dispatched, but they will need assistance to ensure the station's survival.

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  • Shoot down extinction bombers - 50


  • Clear the Imperial Escort
Destroy Mark VII Interceptors - 30
  • Destroy the Imperial Command
Destroy the target area in the rear center of the enemy Destroyer
  • Disable the Frigate Shields (This bonus missions becomes available at level 39.)
Incapacitate the Shield Generators - 4

Fuel Cost

Below are the fuel costs from various locations within the galaxy:


The following are the awards for completing the space battle (does not include xp for bonus quest):

  • Credits Credits (645)
  • XP +3590 (XP is reduced to XP +5 at level 40?)
  • 1 Fleet Commendation
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