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Pantran Whitefang
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"The sleek and lethal whitefang cats are noteworthy for having bodies composed almost entirely of muscle. These felines do not store any fat, and consequently must constantly be on the hunt. They are the only creatures on Hoth capable of matching a tauntaun’s running speed. Certain enterprising crime lords have attempted to train captured whitefangs for use as guard animals. These experiments have routinely ended in disaster for trainers and beasts alike. On the other hand, underground death duel arenas have profited tremendously from the spectacle these untamed creatures can provide."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Pantran Whitefangs, also known as Ice Cats, were a non-sentient feline species native to the planet of Hoth. They had the characteristic of having their bodies composed for the mostly of muscles. These felines did not store any fat - and consequently had to constantly be on the hunt. On Hoth they were the only creatures capable of matching the speed of a tauntaun, making them their only "active" predator.

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