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Patch 2.3.1
Release Date 21 August 2013

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  • The first Packs of Shipment Three are now available for sale on the Cartel Market! Most items in the Contractor's and Freelancer's Bounty Packs are not found in the Shipment One Cartel Packs or Shipment Two Contraband Packs.
  • New Galactic Reputation Organization! Players may now gain reputation with the Bounty Supply Company, a group loosely affiliated with the Hutt Cartel! Details under Legacy
  • Implemented changes to improve the overall experience for Free-to-Play players at early levels! Details under General.

Cartel Market[]


  • Authorization: Event Equipment Requisition has been removed from the Cartel Market. All players now have access to Event equipment.

New Items[]

**Please note that Cartel Market updates are dynamic. Changes listed in Patch Notes may take effect several hours after the patch is made available.**

  • A new Bounty Pack, the Contractor's Bounty Pack, is now available on the Cartel Market. Cost: 160 Cartel Coins
  • A new Bounty Pack, the Freelancer's Bounty Pack, is now available on the Cartel Market. Cost: 320 Cartel Coins
  • Players can now purchase Hypercrates containing 24 Freelancer's Bounty Packs. (Discounted by 10% for a limited time!) Cost: 6,912 Cartel Coins

Bug Fixes[]

  • Armor sets from the Cartel Market now have updated icons that are uniform in design.
  • The art for the Grade 7 Starship Tactical Bundle now includes the Improved Power Conversion Module.


  • Implemented changes to improve the overall experience for Free-to-Play players at early levels:
    • Free-To-Play players can now train Sprint at level 10.
    • Free-To-Play players are now granted the Emergency Fleet Pass ability at level 10.
  • The Appearance Designer Kiosk and lore object have been removed from the GTN area of the Fleets and are now exclusive to the Cartel Bazaar hangar.

Bounty Contract Week[]

  • While in a group, players who have used different methods to complete the same Bounty Contract are now provided with the appropriate conversation when turning in bounties to clients on single-faction planets.
  • The appropriate error message will now display when a Friendly Drink is offered to a Shady Character who has already declined to provide information after one is offered.
  • Players are no longer able to remove the "Bounty Engaged" buff from themselves.
  • Aja Novar's "Explosive Surge" ability no longer displays as a buff while being cast.
  • All Henchmen have broken their vow of silence during combat and will speak when fighting.
  • Interrogation Probes and Kingpin Authorization items no longer incorrectly display a debuff icon upon use.
  • The Carbonite Grenade no longer functions while players are dead.
  • The "Bounty Target Region" buff is no longer applied twice while completing Bounty Contracts on Nar Shaddaa.

Classes and Combat[]

Jedi Consular[]



  • The immobilize from Force Wake is now properly classified as a negative Force effect and can be dispelled by the appropriate abilities (such as Evasion or Force Shroud).

Sith Inquisitor[]



  • The immobilize from Electric Bindings is now properly classified as a negative Force effect, and can be dispelled by the appropriate abilities (such as Dodge or Resilience).


  • The Diplomat's Meditation Hoverchair now displays a level requirement icon in the Collections Window.
  • The description of Mood: Angered has been updated to correctly reflect its rarity.
  • The image for the Republic Hutball Away Uniform in the Collections Window has been updated to match the gear's appearance in-game.

Companion Characters[]


  • Unsummoning the target companion while in the process of giving them a gift no longer consumes the gift without providing affection.

Lt. Pierce[]

  • Affection conversations now show Lt. Pierce's custom appearances and use correct camera settings.



  • Skadge has given up his ventriloquism hobby and will move his lips when saying the line "You got somethin' to kill, or what?"


  • Treek's lips now sync properly with her words outside of conversations.
  • Players will now address Treek properly when speaking to her in French.

Crew Skills[]


  • Players now retain all Advanced Training for Crew Skills that are deactivated due to a change in subscription status.

Crafting Skills[]



  • Crafted Dread Guard Relics now have a uniform material cost.


  • Synthweavers are no longer prevented from Reverse Engineering Willpower gear from Makeb.

Gathering Skills[]


  • Buff icons for Biochem consumables now properly match the item icon.

Flashpoints and Operations[]


Czerka Corporate Labs

  • Sith Warrior and Jedi Guardians will notice that Saber Reflect now appropriately reflects damage from CZ-2X Infiltrator Droids.
  • Once the CZ-8X Eradicator Droid is activated, there is no longer a rope present to cause line of sight errors.
  • Rasums Blys has brought in experts to fix his floor and Kolto tank, and their textures now display properly.

Czerka Core Meltdown

  • The Vigilant now attacks his target in all circumstances when starting the second phase of the encounter.
  • Grounded the chairs that were floating around in the Jungle Habitat Room.
  • Experimental Berserkers now spawn more reliably during the encounter with The Vigilant if Data Integration Points are destroyed quickly.

Taral V

  • Players are now able to complete the Flashpoint if they exit the phase while on the step to defeat General Edikar.


Scum and Villainy

  • Decreased the damage dealt by the Wealthy Buyer's "Wrist Laser" ability in 16-Player Nightmare Mode.
  • Players who are caught Dash'Roode's "Updraft" ability are no longer able to be knocked back by his other abilities.
  • Updated the Operations Chief's "Terminate" ability to make the damage dealt through player shields more consistent.
  • The enrage timer has been increased by 30 seconds for the encounter with The Cartel Warlords in both Hard and Nightmare Modes.
  • The encounter with The Cartel Warlords has been updated in Nightmare Mode. When two Warlords are left alive, if both are brought below 50% health, they will enrage and gain increased movement speed and damage.
  • Made several adjustments to the encounter with Thrasher in 16-player Nightmare Mode:
    • Thrasher's health has been increased by from 5.15 million to 5.33 million.
    • Thrasher's enrage timer has been increased from 5 minutes to 5 minutes 35 seconds.
    • Thrasher's "Roar" has been increased from 20 seconds to 35 seconds after falling below 50% health and summoning Snipers.
    • Snipers now pause for three seconds after entering Cover before using their "Snipe" ability.
    • Snipers now activate Defensive Protocols after 45 seconds rather than 50 seconds.
    • Turrets now target and attack immediately after spawning.
    • Turrets now deal increased damage.
  • Nightmare Mode players can no longer be knocked out of Thrasher's arena by his "Stomp" ability.

Items and Economy[]

  • Commendations that are not gained because a player has reached the maximum quantity no longer count towards that Commendation's Weekly Progress.
  • Item icons now visually indicate when they are unusable due to the target being out of range.
  • Regardless of where it was purchased, a Mercenary Contract will now consume on use rather than upon mission completion.
  • Descriptions for the following vehicles have been updated to indicate that only their initial purchase from the Cartel Market includes the Legacy Perk: Speeder Piloting I and that the perk is not included when retrieving the vehicle from Collections:
  • Toy animations now display correctly for players who lack the Galactic Reputation to buy the same item through the Bounty Supply Company.
  • The 2-piece set bonus from the Field Medic’s gear no longer stacks with the 2-piece set bonus from the Battlemaster Field Medic’s gear.




  • Increased the reward to 20 Cartel Coins for the "Big Time" Achievement gained by earning Social 10 .
  • The Sand People Flayer is no longer required to obtain the "Champion of Tatooine" Achievement.
  • The SIS Watchman is no longer required to obtain the "Tyrant of Ilum!" Achievement.
  • The Space Combat Mastery Achievements for Saleucami Fleet Action and Javaal Fleet Action now update appropriately in the Achievement Tracker.
  • The icons for Jaesa Willisaam's affection Achievements now properly represent their associated alignment.



  • Ancient Allies (Republic)/New Frontiers (Imperial): These missions can no longer be accepted once the non-repeatable Terror From Beyond story mission has been accepted or completed.
  • Players who log out in a mission phase that will eject group members are now prompted with the standard "Unsafe Logout" dialogue box.
  • Intercept Course (Republic)/Best Foot Forward (Imperial): These leading missions are no longer available after players have accepted or completed the "Hutt Hospitality" mission.

Daily Areas[]


  • Anti-Toxin Recovery (Republic)/Anti-Toxin Acquisition (Imperial): Mutated and Escaped Specimens no longer apply the "Womp Rat Fever" debuff.
  • Give and Take (Republic)/What's Yours Is Mine (Imperial): Decreased the required number of Biotoxin and Kolto Containers from 8 to 6 and added additional containers in the faction-specific areas leading up to the Supply Yard. Additionally, the spawn times on these containers have been decreased.
  • Players who find themselves outside of the intended game world are now properly transported to the Medcenter.

Class Missions[]

Jedi Consular

  • The Forge: Qyzen Fess is now required to be present when confronting Nalen Raloch and upon returning to the Jedi Council during this mission.
  • The Vivicar Awaits: Treek now animates properly when approaching Lord Vivicar.

Sith Warrior

  • Declaration of War: Treek will now animate properly during the conversation with Captain Treyyen.
  • General Minst: This mission now progresses as intended while interacting with the Ractor Vault Interface if players choose to ask HK-51 or Treek for any last requests.
  • Set the Table: If players select to kneel when introduced to Darth Vengean, Treek no longer attempts to accentuate her humble by sinking into the ground.


  • Race the Devil: Treek no longer moves around erratically while players are talking to Fabizan during this mission.
  • The Endless Abyss: Companion Characters now follow properly while inside the Hi-Tech Lab.


  • Battle of the Gauntlet: Speaking to Aric Jorgan while aboard The Gauntlet no longer triggers a vivid premonition of future events in the form of the mission's final cutscene.
  • Battle of the Gauntlet: Tanno Vik is now a required assistant when attempting to plant explosives at the railgun barrel during this mission.
  • Battle of the Gauntlet: Yuun is now a required assistant when attempting to override the Primary and Tertiary Security Systems during this mission.
  • Public Relations: Electing to rescue the senator during this mission will no longer present Troopers with an unlocked door that cannot be opened.

Bounty Hunter

  • My Sponsorship: Mako now always provides her thoughts when speaking to Albea during this mission, even if another companion is active before the conversation begins.

World Missions[]


  • Exploding Mines (Republic): While in a group, Troopers no longer cause the conversation to end abruptly if they elect to surrender while speaking to Korl Torin.


  • Players can no longer begin the first conversation of the Makeb storyline from the holoterminal on their groupmate's personal starship.
  • Old Feuds (Republic): Players no longer incorrectly receive line of sight errors during the encounter with the Isotope-5 Prototype Walker Droid.
  • Stealing Thunder (Makeb): Lord Cytharat's second personality has been quelled and his voice no longer undergoes transformation for only a single conversation line.

Nar Shaddaa

  • Chemical Agent (Republic): Ganuk now understands that his random comments never lead to actual discussion, so his ambient dialogue no longer triggers a conversation.



  • The mapnotes for Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown no longer refer to Hammer Station.
  • CZ-198 is now labeled as a Level 55 area on the Galaxy Map.
  • Mission rewards in the Mission Log no longer overlap or cut off when more than five rewards are listed.
  • The elevator to Cartel Bazaar is now properly labeled in French and German.
  • The area map for the Cartel Bazaar has been updated in French and German.
  • The Guild Window now updates properly for players who purchased a Guild Rename before being promoted to Guildmaster.
  • Updated a misspelled word in the Cargo Hold tutorial.


  • The Chat Window font size can now be increased to 30-point.
  • If players receive a whisper while in the process of replying to another whisper, the reply no longer displays the correct name while incorrectly delivering the message to the name who whispered most recently.


  • New discoveries have been made about several species in the galaxy, and those seek knowledge will now be granted with a Species Codex entry:
    • Advozse
    • Anomids
    • Kaleesh

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes[]

  • The Group Finder Deserter Status is now applied appropriately in all instances after players log out of the character and back in.
  • The Jedi Consular's starship navicomp has been repaired and now takes players to Hoth as soon as it is selected on the Galaxy Map rather than stalling until players click on the ship's door to exit.
  • Tauntaun voices no longer carry such that their volume is the same regardless of their distance.
  • Several reward mailings that had the wrong information in their subject or body fields have been corrected.