Patch 6.2.1a

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Patch 6.2.1a
Release Date 16 March 2021

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Game Update 6.2.1a on
  • Players can now collapse and expand the Amplifier list on the Character sheet.
  • The Character sheet's Amplifier list is now correctly updated when equipping and unequipping gear. This list is also updated when inspecting other players.
  • Jumping after closing the Recalibration window no longer opens the Recalibration window again.
  • Corrected some alignment issues in the Recalibration window.
  • A WIP message is no longer displayed when an Amplifier is selected and the Recalibration Window is opened.
  • All the Amplifiers equipped in the Armoring/Mod and Enhancements slots now correctly appear in the Amplifier list when there is no shell Amplifier.
  • Fixed the layout and increased the font size of the Commit and Discard changes button of the Outfit Designer window.
  • Orbital Station Arena has been temporarily removed from the PvP Arena rotation while we investigate players randomly dying to the environment.
  • Players are no longer killed when running into walls of the Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena.
  • The Jedi Guardian and Jedi Sentinel now have the correct tooltip and icon within the Group Finder pop-up window.
  • The Replica Gladiatorial Weapon Lockbox now correctly contains the Replica Gladiatorial Blaster Pistol instead of the Replica Furious Blaster.
  • Resolved an issue where Troya Ajak's Ability "Songbird Salvo" was causing too much damage in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint - Master Mode.
  • Bask Sunn now correctly drops loot in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint - Solo/Story Mode.
  • The "Conflicting Priorities" Mission is now correctly granted after completion of the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint in Solo/Story Mode.
  • Players can now launch the cinematic of the "Speak to Kira Carsen" step in Echoes of Oblivion even if Theron Shan is dead while Arcann and Senya are alive.
  • Changes have been made to rebalance the following Uprisings:
    • Toned down Lord Wrad's health in all the difficulties of Inferno Uprising.
    • Toned down Crack-Shot Aggy's difficulty in Done and Dusted Uprising - Story Mode.
    • Increased Marlon Fenn's health in Trial and Error Uprising - Master Mode.
    • Reduced the damage of Nyris Ko and Icarr Ko's Caustic Slime Ability in Trial and Error Uprising.
  • The tracker for some equipment sets of the Spoils of War Achievement now correctly works.
  • Cluster Bombs are now correctly applied by detonating the Explosive Probe for Sniper and Gunslinger.
  • The following Abilities that grant buffs with multiple stacks now correctly add additional extra stacks when they are first applied:
  • The description of the "Corellian Stardrive Vanguard" Mount in the Collections has been updated to correctly mention that it "Increases movement speed based on Piloting Skill".
  • Preferred status players now correctly loot credits to their escrow when their credit cap is reached.
  • The Eternal Championship Trophy is now correctly transferred to the Currency tab from the following storage options:
  • Jace Malcom is now correctly shown as alive for characters who sided with the Republic on Iokath.
  • Color crystals of guest companions can no longer be removed from their weapons.
  • Corrected the following issues with Satele Shan's Lightsaber in Echoes of Oblivion:
    • The Lightsaber now has the correct blue-colored crystal.
    • The Lightsaber is no longer labeled as a Cartel Market item.
    • The Lightsaber can now only be equipped by Satele Shan.