Pazaak was a popular card game during the years around the Jedi Civil War.


Pazaak was played with a deck of 40 cards that contains 4 cards of each number 1-10. The objective is to use your + or - cards to get the closest to 20 without going over. You also had a side deck of 10 cards that the player gets to make up at the start of the game.

Playing the Game

1. The player draws 4 random cards from his/her side deck. This is called the player's hand. The player can use these cards for all 3 sets, but can only be played once per match.

2. Your opponent does the same.

3. You draw one card from the main deck and place it face up.

4. Your opponent does the same.

5. You have the choice to play a card from your hand, but your hand doesn't get more cards for you can only use a card from your player's hand once. (the player's hand must last all three sets)

6. You can stand now and stay with your current hand, but your opponent still gets to draw cards until they stand. This also applies to you.

7. You can only play one card from your hand per turn. You're not allowed to play two cards from your hand unless you hit.

8. Your opponent has a choice to play a card from their hand.

9. Your opponent has the option to stand.

10. If you didn't stand you can draw a card from your main deck. It must be facing up.

11. You can play a card from your hand.

12. You can stand.

13. If your opponent chose not to stand he/she can now draw a card. It has to be facing up.

14. Your opponent can now play a card from his/her hand.

15. Your opponent has the option of standing.

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