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The Persons of Note is a sub-section of the Codex, the information database in The Old Republic.
Name Planet* Class** Empire Republic Notes
Jaesa WillsaamN/ASith Warrior
Bouris UlgoAlderaan
Vector HyllisAlderaanImperial Agent Intelligence Profile
Duke CorwinAlderaanBounty hunter "The Durasteel Duke"
Rehanna RistAlderaanSith Inquisitor
Lord NefaridAlderaanJedi Knight
Captain CormacAlderaanRepublic trooper
Markus ThulAlderaanRepublic trooper
Duke KendohAlderaanSith Inquisitor
General Gesselle OrganaAlderaanSith Warrior
Nomar OrganaAlderaanSith Warrior
Darth LachrisBalmorra
Darth LachrisBalmorraJedi Consular
Station ChiefBalmorraImperial Agent
Admiral IvernusBalmorraBounty hunter
Lieutenant Major PirrellBalmorraBounty hunter
ZenithBalmorraJedi Consular
Major BessikerBalmorraBounty hunter
DocBalmorraJedi Knight
Warren SedoruBalmorraJedi Knight
Akaavi SparBalmorraSmuggler
Numen BrockBalmorraSmuggler
Brel OrusBalmorraRepublic trooper
Tanno VikBalmorraRepublic trooper
Commander RylonBalmorraSith Warrior
Malavai QuinnBalmorraSith Warrior
SCORPIOBelsavisImperial Agent Intelligence Profile
Captain Zale BarrowsBelsavisBounty hunter
SkadgeBelsavisBounty hunter
Hallow VoiceBelsavisJedi Consular
The Mother MachineBelsavisSith Inquisitor
Executor KrannusBelsavisJedi Knight
Pak TaldineBelsavisJedi Knight
Lord OndorruBelsavisRepublic trooper
Darth EkkageBelsavisSith Warrior
Darth DecimusCorellia
Cole CantarusCorellia
Councillor BelosCorellia
Darth AcharonCorellia
Darth HadraCorellia
General AvesCorellia
Darbin SullCorellia
Darth CharnusCorellia
General HeskerCorellia
Master Arfan RamosCorellia
Chairman Harlon FaneCorelliaBounty hunter
Commissioner Jonah CarterCorelliaBounty hunter
Jedi Master Jun SerosCorelliaBounty hunter
The First SonCorelliaJedi Consular
Lord SkarCorelliaSith Inquisitor
Councillor CaicosCorelliaSmuggler
The Real Darmas PollaranCorelliaSmuggler
LockeCorelliaRepublic trooper
Darth VowrawnCorelliaSith Warrior
The EntityCorelliaSith Warrior
Darth BarasKorribanSith Warrior
Overseer TremelKorribanSith Warrior
Darth Vengean Sith Warrior
Lord RathariNar ShaddaaSith Warrior
Master Nomen Karr Sith Warrior
Master YonlachTatooineSith Warrior
Sharack BreevTatooineSith Warrior
Thana VeshTaris
Lieutenant PierceTarisSith Warrior

*This entry should be the Planet that the Codex Entry counts towards when viewing the Planet's count of Person of Note Codex Entries. It does not necessarily mean the Planet the player character or Person of Note was located at when receiving the unlock.

**If the name of the Person of Note listing in the Codex is followed by a playable character class, it should be listed here as it indicates a Person of Note listing specifically for that class.

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