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Ensign Peters

Ensign Peters

Level 10 Ranged NPC

Species: [[Human]]
Gender: Male
Health: 460
Planet: [[Ord Mantell]]
Region: [[Avilatan Badlands]]
Location: [-264, -285]

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Ensign Peters is a male human soldier encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. He, Corporal Dregg, and Ensign Ta are located in the Avilatan Badlands, along the road between Fort Garnik and Oradam Village.


The Avilatan Badlands are a minefield, and unexploded mortar shells litter the ground. Corporal Dregg and two other Mantellian soldiers, Ensigns Ta and Peters, have devised a life-or-death game of chance in the region. They challenge refugees in the area to run the mines and gather three unexploded shells. They allow bets on the outcomes of these runs, and anyone who succeeds is awarded with equipment from the relief supplies.

Mission objective
Galactic Republic [7] Republic Roulette

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