Pirates and Scavengers lore object

Table with the lore object

Pirates and Scavengers codex map

Map of the Fallenspire Stronghold with the location of the codex


To get the codex for this organization head to the Fallenspire Stronghold at (124, -160) in the Sinking City region on planet Taris. Once inside the stronghold head to (-88, -178) and look on the table for the lore object.

Codex Text

"Valuable treasures lay buried in the ruins of Taris, attracting a wide range of individuals and groups willing to brave the dangers and claim a small piece of the fallen city's vast wealth. Most of these can be loosely categorized as either scavengers or pirates.Scavengers tend to stake out a small section of the ruins and generally avoid military confrontation, although they frequently ambush civilians passing through areas they have "claimed" or pillage choice sectors after a Republic cleanup crew has sorted out the debris.In contrast, pirates are far more aggressive. Traveling in armed bands, they typically attack on sight. Some of the larger pirate bands, like the Death's Claw, have been known to brutalize small settlements and armed patrols if they have superior numbers and positions."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]
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