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"Here we stand, at the extremity of our exertion, having cast behind us the idols of our fathers, to once again carry to our foe the penalties due their sacrilege. Come perdition or hard vacuum, the Republic expects that every citizen will do his duty."
―Supreme Chancellor Contispex I, Fourth Inaugural Oration

The Pius Dea was a fanatical religious cult, most famous for their control of the Galactic Republic during the Pius Dea Era.



The Pius Dea was a monotheistic religion that worshiped a deity known as The Goddess. Members of the Pius Dea adhered to a strict moral code emphasizing Humanocentrism and spiritual purity. They associated the Outer Rim with chaos and believed that they had a divine mandate to defeat chaos in return for gaining treasures and divine secrets. While scouting of the Republic's frontiers still continued under the sect, exploration and making contact with alien civilizations was seconded to the sect's primary interests in military conquest, acquiring material wealth, and religious missionary work.

As a Human supremacist cult, the Pius Dea regarded many alien species as "unredeemable" due to their alleged inferiority and the threat they posed to the Human civilizations of the Core Worlds. They viewed their military conflicts against their opponents as crusades with the ultimate intention of gaining spiritual merit and purification. Despite their humanocentric outlook, the Pius Dea were willing to accept alien converts but looked down upon them as "Rimkin". Religious conversion was associated with increased social mobility and unrestricted passage throughout Republic-controlled worlds for those who enlisted in the Republic's military which was then firmly under the sect's control. The sect also had religious Missionaries attached to military units to root out heretics and apostates.

Rise of the Pius Dea

The movement that would become known as the Pius Dea began on Coruscant seven hundred years before Contispex I became Supreme Chancellor. Members of Coruscant high society began calling for communities to clamp down on corruption, purging "unredeemable" elements in order to restore purity. The Pius Dea would rise to prominence with the help of the man known to history as Contispex I. Contispex was born on Coruscant and became a prominent member of the Coruscant Merchants' Guild, where he became a powerful figure in the Pius Dea faith. His staunch stance against corruption and his intolerance of those who did not share his high standards made him a well loved figure in the public eye. He quickly became a member of the Galactic Senate, and he was elected by a landslide vote to the position of Supreme Chancellor after the impeachment and later assassination of the Bothan Chancellor Pers'lya in 11,987 BBY.

Pius Dea Crusades

First and Third Pius Dea Crusades

The 1st and 3rd Pius Dea Crusades against the Hutts.

Contispex I launched the first of the Pius Dea Crusades in 11,965 BBY, as a pre-emptive strike against the Hutts in the Outer Rim Territories. Contispex's successors would continue these conflicts, with 34 crusades having been completed by 10,966 BBY. However, Contispex and his successors soon turned their attention to other alien species and sects which had been members of the Galactic Republic for thousands of years. Finally, the Pius Dea even targeted Humans accused of being alien sympathizers. Over the course of a millennium, the Republic was bogged down in an unending war with several alien species that were judged "irredeemable" and subject to genocide including the Zarracines and Teirasans.

For thousands of years, Alsakan and Coruscant had been rivals for dominance of the Republic. Due to the Pius Dea's origins on Coruscant, the Planet became a stronghold of the sect. Religious tensions mixed with political and economic rivalry culminated in the Sixth Alsakan Conflict, that took place in 11,820 BBY. During that conflict the Core World of Alsakan and their territories in the Perlemian Trade Route seceded from the Pius Dea Republic. Many alien worlds subsequently aligned themselves with Alsakan in return for protection from the Galactic Republic.

The Jedi Recusal

As the crusades erupted, the Jedi Order distanced itself from the now Pius Dea controlled Republic, though the Jedi did not condone the Pius Dea's Crusades, they did remain loyal for some time. This however did not last, as unrest within the Order lead to the Jedi recuseing themselves from their duties to Republic. The Jedi then retreated to their stronghold on Ossus, some Jedi went on their own "crusades" against the Pius Dea while others remained neutral. When the Jedi Order recused itself, some of the Jedi broke away from the Order and remained loyal to the Pius Dea, these Jedi then began the Order of the Terrible Glare. This Order was later destroyed by the Jedi when they defeated the Pius Dea.

The Contispex dynasty

Contispex I stepped down after forty-years in office. In 11,947 BBY he was succeeded by his son Contispex II. The Contispex family would continue this dynastic tradition, with each successive member taking the name Contispex. By the end of the Pius Dea era, several of the Supreme Chancellors, while not related to the original Contispex, would still take the name Constipex. The dynasty would end with Contispex XIX, who was captured by the Jedi aboard the Flame of Sinthara at the Battle of Uquine. Contispex XIX was tried and found guilty of crimes against the Galaxy, and was imprisoned for the rest of his life.

The Pius Dea Civil War

The religious zeal of the Pius Dea controlled Galactic Republic antagonized many species and powers within the Galaxy. Following the Sixth Alsakan Conflict, Coruscant's rival Alsakan opened secret lines of communication with several alien species alienated by the Crusades including the Duros, Herglics, and the Hutts. By 11,100 BBY, the Republic's military expansionism had stalled and the Pius Dea leadership began launching internal inquisitions to root out apostates, heretics, and unbelievers within their ranks. These inquisitions created much hardship and deaths. Caamasi emissaries came to the Jedi stronghold of Ossus and succeeded in convincing the Jedi Order to end it's recusal.

The Jedi then collaborated with the Caamasi and Alsakani to engineer a heresy within the Pius Dea adherents. In 10,967 BBY, these religious heretics announced themselves, creating an internal civil war which almost destroyed the Pius Dea.

The End of the Pius Dea

The Civil War allowed a broad anti Pius Dea coalition led by the Jedi to assail the Pius Dea Republic. While much of the Republic Navy defected to join the coalition, the Pius Dea still maintained a huge fleet comprised of thousands of Cathedral Ships which they used to wage war on all who opposed them. In 10,966 BBY, the sect was militarily defeated during the Battle of Uquine when the Bureau of Ships and Services seeded the Pius Dea fleet with a navicomputer virus which caused much of the fleet to jump into hyperspace.

The Jedi subsequently took over leadership of the Republic with Grand Master Biel Ductavis assuming chancellorship. Meanwhile, all members of the sect were removed from all positions of power including the Galactic Senate, and their Supreme Temple on Coruscant was razed to the ground. The Pius Dea then gradually died out. Despite the destruction of the Pius Dea, racial tensions between the Human Core Worlds and the alien Rimward territories lingered on for thousands of years.

Pius Dea Crusaders

Pius Dea Crusaders were the army of the sect. Crusaders embarked upon crusades in the name of the Goddess, Crusaders often acted very violently to the alien species they encountered. The Pius Dea's religious rationale for the Crusaders actions was that chaos lurked beyond the Rim and that they were merely following The Goddess's edict to subdue it. The Pius Dea Crusaders were also lured by the promise of wealth and secrets which led them to plunder conquered worlds. The loot taken by the Crusaders would then be ferried back to Coruscant in Men-O-War.

Pius Dea Missionaries

Pius Dea Missionaries were the Commanders, teachers and enforcers of the sect's doctrin, they operated where ever there were crusades taking place. During the crusades the sect's numbers swelled as thousands of Rimward worlds and species were forcibly converted or coerced into joining the Pius Dea, as a direct result of the Missionaries work. Pius Dea Missionaries were also responsible for commanding the Cathedral Ships.

Pius Dea Crewmen

Pius Dea Crewmen were the descendants of Republic Navy personnel that had joined the sect when it came to power. Only Pius Dea Crewmen were allowed to crew the massive Cathedral Ships.

Ordnance/Regional Depots

During the crusades, several military outposts known as Ordnance/Regional Depots (O/RDs) were established to protect human settlers from hostile alien threats. This further deepened interspecies tensions with the anti alien nature of the crusades forcing an exodus into Hutt Space and turning the Rimward Slice into a militarized zone dominated by war profiteers. These O/RDs operated as home bases for Republic Navy units and Pius Dea Missionaries to launch military and religious expeditions into the frontier. Cathedral Ships became essential to sustaining these expansionary campaigns, doubling as warships and religious temples.

Pius Dea Spaceport

The Pius Dea Spaceport was still in existence by the year 3,640 BBY, and was located on the Galactic capital world of Coruscant. The spaceport possessed large flat landing pads, and was positioned near the Jedi Temple, and stretched as far north to the large industrial area known as The Works.

The Supreme Temple

The Pius Dea's Supreme Temple on Coruscant was the sect's largest temple. It was built sometime during the Pius Dea period when the sect ruled the Galactic Republic. Following the collapse of Pius Dea rule during the Seventh Alsakan Conflict and the capture of the last Pius Dea Supreme Chancellor Contispex XIX, the Supreme Temple was destroyed after an anti-Pius Dea coalition led by the Jedi Order on Ossus took over the Republic and it's Galactic Senate.

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"This datacron holds unheard of power and knowledge collected by an ancient race. You access its power and discover writings which are clearly only one small piece of a massive galactic history: The Republic had been established on principles of free speech and tolerance for all sentient beings. Unfortunately, these principles also allowed the growth of fringe groups. During the term of Supreme Chancellor Pers'lya, a fanatical pro-human religious sect calling itself "Pius Dea" emerged. Many dismissed Pius Dea as just another cult, but the group's intentions were much more sinister. Through political maneuvering, the members conspired to have Chancellor Pers'lya impeached and their own man, Senator Contispex, put in his place. Through Supreme Chancellor Contispex, Pius Dea exploited tensions within the Hutt Empire after the Hutt Cataclysms. Eventually Contispex sanctioned an invasion of Hutt Space, beginning the Pius Dea Crusades. Over the next thousand years, Contispex's descendants–biological and ideological–would inherit his position, continuing to wage war against various alien factions until growing unrest brought Pius Dea's rule to an end. A new Chancellor was elected, free of Pius Dea's influence, and the Pius Dea "Supreme Temple" was destroyed... but the tensions created between the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim persisted for centuries to come."
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