The Power Guard Enhancement System was a scientific project overseen by the Galactic Republic during the Cold War against the Sith Empire. The project sought to use a combination of extensive cybernetic enhancements and adrenal stimulants to forge super-soldiers out of ordinary people. With the right procedures, being could be given more muscular strength, speed, and better fighting skills without extensive physical training or use of The Force.


The project was originally conceived by the Galactic Senate after the events of the Great Galactic War. Fearing that the Republic would be unable to defend itself again if the Jedi Order was run to complete extinction, they authorized the establishment of a separate scientific division to run a black operation to determine another way to have a large number of defenders should the Jedi prove not to be available. The Project set up shop on the planet Nar Shaddaa, as the tests required to ensure the project's success were highly illegal. A steady stream of volunteers could be found among the homeless and refugee populations of the planet. The original Power Guards were designed to combat the Sith, but the project itself was officially scrapped once it was proven that the procedure was too invasive for creating new soldiers.

The Project was quietly restarted by General Var Suthra as a part of the Republic Superweapon Initiative, but was subject to a hostile takeover as the Sith Lord Sadic forcibly took the existing operation for his own purposes. Sadic began to create Power Guards in remote locations across Nar Shaddaa, but a Jedi Knight soon started discovering the takeover and how to shut the project down. Sadic utilized the Project's research to turn himself into a powerguard, without the mental limitations of a standard Guard, and confronted the Knight in Shadow Town, but was killed by the Knight in their ensuing duel. The rest of the research was destroyed by the Republic's Blackstar Squad at the Knight's order, and the whole Project was thought to be scrapped.


The Power Guard Enhancement system was designed to turn any ordinary being into a super solder capable of battling Sith in one-on-one combat. The Project utilized a combination of extensive cybernetic enhancements and replacement of organs with systems of adrenal stimulants to achieve this. Cybernetics replaced many of the organs unnecessary to keep the subject in peak physical fighting form, as well as enhance the subject's senses of danger, depth, and damage. Armor plating was introduced under the skin to decrease the damage dealt from most blasters and light lightsaber strikes. As a result, subject typically grew much taller and demonstrated more body mass than they had before the treatments began.

The Senate also introduced a control chip in each Power Guard that would act as a controllable will, forcing those with the chip to obey any commands given, regardless of their personal feelings. Most of the Power Guards did not display individuality, and didn't speak or display any outward signs of resistance to the programming.


Mark I

Mark I Power Guards were humanoid individuals who were equipped with gear standard to that of Republic soldiers and used blaster rifles and vibroswords in combat.

Mark II

Mark II Power Guards

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