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Every Discipline of the Powertech and the Vanguard has the same Utility Points.

List of Powertech/Vanguard Utility Points[]

Utility Point Powertech Utility Point Vanguard Tier
Pneumatic Boots Battlefield Training Skillful
Gyroscopic Alignment Jets Parallactic Combat Stims Skillful
Reflective Armor Reflective Armor Skillful
Suppressive Tools Entangling Heat Skillful
Bracer Propellant Muzzle Augs Skillful
Engulfing Flames Shrap Satchel Skillful
Iron Will Iron Will Skillful
Neural Delay Neural Delay Skillful
No Escape Defensive Measures Masterful
Pyro Shield Electro Shield Masterful
Torque Boosters Advance the Line Masterful
Accelerated Reel Accelerated Reel Masterful
Sonic Rebounder Sonic Rebounder Masterful
Prototype Electro Surge Containment Tactics Masterful
Hitman Frontline Defense Masterful
Explored Area Surveyed Terrain Masterful
Shield Cannon Guard Cannon Heroic
Enhanced Paralytics Paralytic Augs Heroic
Automated Suit Emergency Stims Heroic
Liquid Cooling Re-energizer Heroic
Fuel Additives Focus Stims Heroic
Overdrive Charge the Line Heroic
Efficient Suit Efficient Tools Heroic
Jet Speed Blitz Heroic