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Lord Praven
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"A Sith pureblood, Lord Praven has trained in the ways of the Force since the earliest years of his youth. Fiercely loyal to the Emperor and an ardent believer in the philosophical teachings of the dark side, Praven is surprisingly calm and collected in his speech and actions. He follows a strict code of personal honor, and unlike many other Sith, he eschews random acts of cruelty and sadism. Despite this, he is sworn to destroy the Jedi and considers them his mortal enemies. During the Sacking of Coruscant, Lord Praven killed Master Usma–one of the Jedi’s most famous duelists–in an epic battle. But he spared Usma’s young Padawan, telling her to seek him out once she had finished her training so they could face each other as equals. When she tracked him down years later, he honored his promise, sending her to the same fate as her Master."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Praven was a male Sith Pureblood and Sith Lord during the Cold War against the Galactic Republic. He was under the apprenticeship of Darth Angral and played a part in attempting to stop the Hero of Tython from deactivating the Shock Drum on Tatooine.

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