Private Cote

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Sith Empire Private Cote Sith Empire

Private Cote

Level 9 Melee NPC

Allegiance Sith Empire
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 375
Planet [[Korriban]]
Region [[Lower Wilds Outskirts]]

[[Category:Korriban NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Private Cote is a Human located in the Lower Wilds Outskirts on the planet Korriban.

Dialog[edit | edit source]

Discussion with Sergeant Varless

Private Cote: We really going in there, sir?
Sergeant Varless: We have our orders, Private. Ours is not to question but to obey.
Private Cote: They say the tombs drive people who aren't Force sensitive insane. I've heard the other squads are still down there, howling mad and killing each other.
Sergeant Varless: Those men didn't have proper protection. Lord Renning has assured me that these new stimulants will protect us from the tomb's effects.
Private Cote: That's what they said about the aural bands. And the implants....

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