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Professional Courtesy

Level 23 mission
Bounty Hunter Class Mission

Planet [[Nar Shaddaa]]
Area [[Network Access]]
Location The Eidolon's Safe House
Start [[The Eidolon]]
End [[Huntmaster Assisstant Lek]]
Bonus Icon class bountyhunter [23] Professional Killer
Previous Icon class bountyhunter [22] Industrial Espionage
Next Icon class bountyhunter [24] A Dangerous Auction

Professional Courtesy is a level 23 class mission available to Bounty Hunters. It is obtained on Nar Shaddaa by speaking with The Eidolon via holocom in The Roughneck Room in The Promenade.


The elusive Eidolon on Nar Shaddaa is your target in the Great Hunt. Your plan was to damage his legitimate businesses in order to draw him out, and it worked.

You found the Eidolon at his safe house in Network Access; confront him.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic Professional Courtesy mission description


  • Confront the Eidolon
  • Speak to the Eidolon
  • Defeat the Eidolon
  • Destroy the Eidolon's Assassin Droids
  • Speak to the Eidolon
  • Choice 1: Freeze the Eidolon
  • Dark Side Icon +50 "That was a test. [Freeze him]" or "Right choice. [Freeze him]" or "Done. [Freeze the Eidolon]"
  • Speak to Solash
  • Choice 2: Kill the Eidolon
  • Light Side Icon +50 "Done. [Kill the Eidolon]" or "You do it." or "Nah. [Kill the Eidolon]"
  • Use Your Ship's Holoterminal


  • Credits: ??
  • 4585 XP
  • Light Side Icon +50 -or- Dark Side Icon +50
  • Items: ??

Mission chain[]

  1. Icon class bountyhunter [20] The Enemy of My Enemy
  2. Icon class bountyhunter [21] Economic Boom
    • Icon class bountyhunter [21] Maximum Yield (Bonus)
    • Icon class bountyhunter [21] Making Them Pay (Bonus)
  3. Icon class bountyhunter [21] The Underdogs
  4. Icon class bountyhunter [22] Catching Zees
  5. Icon class bountyhunter [22] Industrial Espionage
  6. Icon class bountyhunter [23] Professional Courtesy
  7. Icon class bountyhunter [24] A Dangerous Auction
    • Icon class bountyhunter [20] Witness Prevention (Bonus)

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