Project is a starting ability for the Jedi Consular. It is the first telekinetic ability that the Jedi Consular has and it maintains it's usefulness in both the Jedi Sage and the Jedi Shadow advanced class. This ability costs 45 force, has a range of 15m, is instant cast and has a cooldown of 6 seconds.


Through skills in the Seer tree of the Jedi Sage advanced class, the range of this skill can be doubled and the force cost can be halved.


When Project was first displayed, it featured the Consular pulling an engine part out of the ground. It was shown during the Huttball trailer that the this the Consular can also pull a broken astromech droid out of the ground and use it as a projectile. It has been revealed that Consular will be able to pull a large variety of objects out of the ground and that the engine is merely a placeholder. [1]

Below is a gallery of all known Project objects:


  • This ability replaced Force Slam as a low-level ability, as Force Slam created an unintentional knockdown effect.