Pyrotech is one of the three Disciplines avaible to the Powertech Advanced Class. It focuses on Damage-over-time effects.

Need a light? The Pyrotech-style Powertech adds fuel to any firefight with an abundence of vivid, searing flame attacks. From fistfuls of fire missiles loaded with highly combustible compounds, the Pyrotech's arsenal allows them to never back down while making sure their enemy burns out in a blaze of destruction.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Flaming Fist 4m 9s Engages the Jetpack and ignites your gauntlet, allowing you to strike the target with a flaming fist that deals [x] kinetic damage and [y] elemental damage. Shares a cooldown with Rocket Punch.
26 Incendiary Missile 30m Fires a missile that explodes on contact, igniting the target for [y] elemental damage and an additional [x] elemental damage over 15 seconds.
41 Immolate 10m 15s Sprays the target with fuel and ignites it into a fireball that deals [x] elemental damage.
57 Scorch 10m Ignites the target with a blast of fire, burning them for [x] elemental damge over 30 seconds. Scorch also makes the target Susceptible for 45 seconds, inceasing the damage takes from Tech attacks by 5%. When a target affected by Scorch dies, Scorch will jump to the closest target within 10 meters that is not already affected by your scorch.
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