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Template:ArticleBorder All items in Star Wars: The Old Republic have a quality or rarity rating associated with them, which is defined by the item's text and icon border color. The item quality indicates the item's worth and rarity. The item's level should also be considered as higher level items with a lower quality might be better than a lower level item of better quality. There are eight types of quality.

Cheap quality (Grey)

Items of this quality are the most common mob drop and are mostly useless. They can be sold to a vendor for credits.

Standard quality (White)

Usually lockboxes, crafting materials, and medpacs are of standard quality.

Premium quality (Green)

Not so common drop from mobs, items of this quality are also found as mission rewards and companion gifts.

Prototype quality (Blue)

Rarely dropped from normal mobs, items of this quality are also found on flashpoint boss corpses, as mission reward and from prototype crafting recipes.

Custom quality (Orange)

All items of this quality are fully customizable. They can be crafted, mostly thought by schematics found from missions, or obtained as mission rewards or drops.

Artifact quality (Purple) no it isn't young foo

These are high quality items. They can be found on corpses of flashpoint and operation bosses, as rare mission rewards or from crafting. These items are sometimes customizable. F2P players cannot use Artifacts.

Legacy quality (Orange Yellow)

Items of this quality are part of the Legacy system of the game.

Mission quality (Yellow)

Items of this color are used for missions. They are either used or just collected to fulfill mission objectives. They are stored in the Mission Items section of a player's inventory. |} |}