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"Once a lush tropical swamp, Quesh's atmosphere became toxic after a series of quakes released dangerous chemicals contained below the planet surface. Most of the native wildlife died off, and Quesh became poisonous to virtually all higher species. Quesh's toxicity is also its source of value–the chemicals that poisoned the atmosphere are usable in the most powerful adrenals and stimulants. The Republic, with the aid of the Hutt Cartel, has staked a claim to Quesh and is attempting to establish chemical mines. Upon learning of Quesh's existence, the Empire quickly established a presence of its own."
―In-game Codex (Planets)[src]

Quesh is a world within Hutt Space that is flooded with toxic environmental poisons. It was initially discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War, but was promptly abandoned due to this poisonous atmosphere.


While this lethal environment is a threat to most life forms, a young Republic chemist eventually discovered that the planet's chemicals are similar to venenit shadaaga. This chemical, also called "Hutt Venom," is a central compound for potent physical-recover, response-time, and mental-focus adrenals. These adrenals would be in high demand and would be a source of great wealth for the Republic war effort.

The Republic renewed its attention on the planet, swiftly reoccupying and investing in adrenal synthesis technology. However Republic scientists were unable to unlock the process of refining the Quesh chemicals, so they resorted to an unlikely ally, the Hutts. Three families in the Hutt Cartel agreed that the potential profits were worth violating the Huttese neutrality treaty. They lent their help in developing the adrenals.

However the secret production complexes on Quesh eventually came to light. The Empire and the rest of the Hutt Cartel discovered the possible resources, the potential profits, and the treaty violations. The remaining Cartel families branded the three families as traitors, joining the Empire in an all-out military invasion. Quesh has became a battleground as the Republic strives to defend its valuable investment and its displeased allies, and the Empire seeks to take control of the planet's valuable resources.[1]

The native species of the planet are low in number, as only a few have been able to adapt and survive in the poisonous haze that surrounds this world.[2] Beyond the environmental threats though, the common laborers on Quesh, typically miners and industrial workers, must endure both occupational hazards in the processing complexes and the political dangers of the Republic and Empire feud.[3] This ongoing situation has compelled the various interests on Quesh to fuse together---chemical processing complexes sometimes serve as bases for the Imperial military and Hutt droids. [4]

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Level 2 of the Republic Operational Headquarters at the Republic base has a cantina where you can purchase food and drink for Presence buff and increased health regeneration. It also has a quick travel point.



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