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Hutt Space

Allegiance: Galactic Republic
Status: The Empire has moved in to hijack Republic mining operations
Terrain: Primary Toxic Swampland and Marshes
Key facts: Natural occurring chemicals in the planet's atmosphere can be used to create valuable adrenals.

Environmental poisons have made Quesh one of the most dangerous and valuable planets in the galaxy, and the grounds for a savage battle between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Though the chemicals on Quesh are lethal to most life forms, they can also be used to create some of the most potent adrenals in the galaxy… and untold wealth for whoever controls the ingredients.

Initially discovered by the Republic during the Great War, Quesh was abandoned after scientists detected the poisonous content of its atmosphere. It wasn’t until years later that a young chemist rummaging through old data recognized the potential for the chemical compounds on Quesh—they are incredibly close to venenit shadaaga (Hutt Venom), a primary ingredient in high-grade adrenals for healing, reflexes, and concentration.

If the Republic could find a way to process the delicate chemicals, it would provide a major source of new income at a critical time in the war effort. Ultimately though, Republic engineers were unable to master the techniques to synthesize the adrenals. They were forced to seek help from some unlikely allies– the Hutts. Three families from the Hutt Cartel were quietly convinced to step around their neutrality treaty with the Empire in return for a cut of adrenal profits that not even a Hutt could refuse. The Cartel, so long as they received their share, looked the other way.

Within a decade, the Republic was fully invested in Quesh. Despite efforts to keep Quesh a guarded secret, miner and worker gossip slowly crept out. It wasn’t long before the Empire heard about this vast source of chemical wealth - and the treaty-breaking Hutts. The Cartel was forced to declare the Republic-aligned Hutts traitors, and assist the Empire as it launched a full-scale attack on Quesh, seeking to destroy Republic efforts and claim the resource for its own.

Now, the Republic struggles to defend its investment from the Empire and their unhappy Hutt Cartel allies.


Codex entries[]

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Quesh has 22 codex entries: 5 bestiary, 3 datacrons (see below), 1 epic enemy, 5 locations, 7 lore, and 1 persons of note.


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
426, -130 +4 Cunning Republic Mining Camp In fenced area, on hill. Galactic History 58: Ulic's Trials
207, 769 +4 Endurance Quesh Imperial Outpost In cave - need two people. Galactic History 59: Aleema's Fate
558, 1422 +4 Strength Three Families War Camp On the south side of the area on a hill. Galactic History 60: The Destruction of Ossus


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