This lore can be found on Quesh.

Republic: X:566 Y:1203

This lore will be granted in the Three Family War Camp, when you accept the quest by 'Goonawaro'.


This entry is obtained by talking to the Imperial Vaccination Officer on the Quesh Orbital Station. He will give you the first quest in the Quesh planetary quest line.


Quesh’s sole natural resource is a substance properly known as venenit queshaaga. Nicknamed “venom,” the liquid form of the substance can–when properly refined and processed–create extremely potent military-grade adrenals that safely increase a soldier’s combat abilities for a limited time. With galactic tensions rising, Quesh venom has become one of the most valuable substances in the universe and a key to military victory for both the Republic and the Empire. Unprocessed, Quesh venom is a virulent toxin. In its purest form, it is found seeping out of fissures created millennia ago by an ancient quake; it is these fissures that are mined by Republic and Imperial work crews. Over the centuries, significant amounts of Quesh venom have evaporated and tainted the planet’s atmosphere, rendering the entire world poisonous to most forms of life.

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