Quick Travel Point and Taxi Droid on Nar Shaddaa

Quick Travel is an in-game mechanism that allows a player to quickly travel to a particular section or location of a planet. This is accomplished by first unlocking Quick Travel Points. This generally means traveling by other means to an area and activating the Quick Travel station in that area by right-clicking on it. This is often referred to as binding to a Quick Travel Point. However, it does not imply that you can only bind to a single Quick Travel Point. Binding simply refers to unlocking the point as a potential destination later.

Quick Travel Ability

Quick Travel Icon.png

To utilize an unlocked Quick Travel Point a user will activate their Quick Travel (Ability). When available, activating this ability will allow the platey to select from unlocked (bound) Quick Travel Points on the planet. They will then be transported to the selected location.

Quick Travel Point

Often Quick Travel Points will be located at Medical Centers with Imperial Service Droids that can provide Stims and Medpacs. They can also be located near a Taxi, cantina or spaceport that might need to be utilized for further travel to a final destination or recover HP. The most common use of Quick Travel is to return the player to a location where missions were initially received upon completion of the mission objectives in a faraway place from safety. For this reason, when receiving new missions in an area, or in fact anytime traveling into a new are, the player should for Quick Travel stations so that they may unlock the Quick Travel Point.

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