Quinn's Modified Blaster
Binds on Pickup
Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)
83.0-155.0 Energy Damage (Rating 70)
Durability: 200/200
Total Stats:
+40 Endurance
+25 Cunning
+23 Critical Rating
+190 Tech Power
Item Modifications
Red Color Crystal (24)
+7 Critical Rating
Barrel (32)
+15 Endurance
+12 Cunning
Mod (32)
+14 Endurance
+13 Cunning
Enhancement (32)
+11 Endurance
+16 Critical Rating
Requires Malavai Quinn
Requires Blaster Pistol

Quinn's Modified Blaster is specifically for Malavai Quinn, the Sith Warrior companion. This weapon can be acquired from:

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