Qyzen Fess

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Galactic Republic Qyzen Fess Galactic Republic
Qyzen Fess

Jedi Consular companion

Allegiance: Galactic Republic
Species: Trandoshan
Gender: Male
Planet: Tython
Weapon(s): Electrostaffs (Pre-KOTFE)
Vibroswords (Pre-KOTFE)
Techblades (KOTFE)

Qyzen Fess is the first companion Jedi Consulars acquire. He is met and joins the player on Tython.

Background[edit | edit source]

In contrast to many Trandoshans, Qyzen Fess rejected the path of a mercenary to become a hunter of the galaxy's most dangerous beasts. Earning "Jagganath points" with every honorable kill. Qyzen has traveled for years, seeking worthy prey and honoring his goddess, the Scorekeeper. Although his travels have brought him to Tython several times, he is never seen by the Jedi if Yuon Par is not at the temple.

Despite his disdain of fame and fortune, Qyzen has attracted some notoriety. He often slips through apparently watertight Imperial borders to follow his prey, much to the consternation of the Empire's officials. Qyzen is also the only living hunter to have killed a greater crested gundark, thought extinct for centuries. His simple habits and devotion to the Scorekeeper give him common ground with the Jedi, though many disapprove of the attitudes and instincts that come naturally to a Trandoshan.

Likes/dislikes[edit | edit source]

Likes: Killing powerful enemies, encouraging others to defend themselves, danger, honor

Dislikes: Killing the weak, mercenary work, sparing powerful enemies

Gifts[edit | edit source]

Qyzen prefers Weapon gifts.

Qyzen Fess gift preferences
Courting Cultural Delicacies Imperial Luxury Maintenance Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
+++ ++ ++ ++++

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