RD-15B Commando Greaves
Binds on Equip
Heavy Armor (Rating 92)
   570 Armor
Durability: 120/120
Total Stats:
   +52 Mastery
   +48 Endurance
   +11 Accuracy Rating
   +24 Power

Item Modifications
   Armoring (37)
   Mod (37)
   Enhancement (37)

Requires Level 36
Requires Heavy Armor

RD-15B Commando Greaves are custom-quality legs slot heavy armor. As a customizable item players can add, remove, and replace item modifications to RD-15B Commando Greaves in order to improve the item's statistics and versatility. They can be obtained as a dropped item from level-appropriate mobs.


Dropped item

RD-15B Commando Greaves are part of the level 37 Prototype-quality random loot table. They can be obtained as a random loot drop from mobs of the appropriate level.

Dropped item
  • level 37 Prototype-Quality Loot List

Equipped modifications

When first obtained RD-15B Commando Greaves are equipped with the following item modifications:

Item modifications


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