Rage is one of the three Disciplines avaible for the Juggernaut Advanced Class. It focuses on burst and Area-of-effect damage.

Fueled by extreme rage, a Sith Warrior can reach new heights of destructive power. Furiously striking at one or more foes with burst of hate and anger, the Rage Juggernaut forges ahead, the Dark Side of the Force providing ever more oppertunities to crush and obliterate the enemy.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Raging Burst 10m 15s Blasts the enemy target with a powerful burst of force energy, dealing [x] kinetic damage.
26 Obliterate 10m 15s Jumps to a target, dealing [x] weapon damage and immobilizing it for 1 second. Can be used while immobilized. Strikes with both weapons if duel wielding.
41 Force Crush 10m 18s Progressively slows the target from 50% to 5% movement speed over 3 seconds and deals [x] kinetic damage each second. At the end of the duration, the target is crushed and takes an additional [y] kinetic damage.
57 Furious Strike 4m 9s

Strikes the target for [x] weapon damage. Attacks with both weapons if duel wielding.

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